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Profession Farmer
Job Title Butcher
Labor Butchery

Butcher's shop

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Kinesthetic Sense
This article is about an older version of DF.

Butchers do the dirty job of killing tame animals, processing animal corpses, skeletons and body parts for meat, fat, skin, bones, skull(s) and many other objects, at the butcher's shop.

To butcher a tame animal either

  • go into view mode, place the cursor on the animal, go to the preferences page and press s to flag (or un-flag) the animal for slaughtering


  • go to the z (Status) screen, then the Animals page, select the animal and press b to flag (or un-flag) for slaughter.

A butcher will then drag the animal to the nearest butcher shop and perform the bloody deed. Note that animals adopted as pets can not be butchered.

Hunters will, once per hunting trip, bring back a corpse to the butchery. If the hunter kills more than one creature on a single hunting trip the rest of the corpses will just be left on the ground; the same is true for creatures killed by traps or the military. To get those corpse butchered you need to put a refuse stockpile next to the butchery and set it to only accept corpses, and then set standing orders to gather outside refuse.

Dwarves will refuse to butcher the corpses of sentient creatures.

The type and number of objects produced from butchering a creature varies greatly, since not all creatures have the same parts. See each animal's page for a breakdown of what happens when you break that animal down.

Effect of skill[edit]

A butcher's skill affects the speed of butchery, which can be important for processing a large number of corpses before they begin to rot. Note that butcher shops can become cluttered quickly, because most animals create a large number of different items of different categories when butchered. So make sure that you have nearby stockpiles for refuse, raw hides, meat, prepared organs and fat. To minimize the amount of miasma created in case the rotting parts are not removed fast enough, a butcher's shop should always be blocked by a door.


  • A tame animal that is not killed by your military cannot be butchered.Bug:1180 This includes tame animals killed due to age or due to goblins.
  • Unlike in 40d, dwarves will not dis-assemble (butcher) skeletons of sentient creatures' for their bones.Bug:1180

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