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User:The Architect

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I am here to help the Wiki in any way I can.


College student, Mechanical Engineering, played quite a few Roguelikes, found DF, fell in love, made a diamond-encrusted gold ring and found the nearest Goblin High Priest. Saw the need for an organized approach to sharing DF with others!

the Succession League[edit]

The greatest thing about Dwarf Fortress is sharing it with others. Our group seeks to do that, and more:

  • We provide ratings of players in different contexts, submitted by other players who have played with them.
  • We provide an easy interface for creating or finding a game you can enjoy.
    • Play what you want, how you want, with whomever you want. If you are looking for players, we can offer information on them. If you are looking for a game, we have them indexed with links to all relevant material.

The wiki has proven cumbersome at best for this function, and in view of the new version this project is indefinitely on hold.

What is a Succession game?[edit]

Basically a great way to play Dwarf Fortress. Check out Succession Games