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Bloodline:Succession League

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The site of the DF Succession League.

The Succession League was a forum of sorts for organizing succession games, hosted by this wiki. As these pages/articles have no significant edits since around 2010 the project can be safely assumed dead. The impact of the project, while on-going, is left for the reader to assess. This article, and any closely related ones, have been kept intact for the sake of conservation.

The Succession League was formed at approximately 01:00 October 7, 2009 as a way of organizing Succession games and making it easy to find players for them. The main utility of the League is the profile created for each player as he or she plays, which is based on a survey submitted by Members at the end of each game. Becoming a Member is as easy as asking for it. However, you are NOT required to be a member to participate. see Policies


  • Day 1, 8 founding members
  • So far on Day 10, we have 20 Members.
  • There is 1 Active Game.
    • one Challenge game
  • There are 2 Inactive (have not yet begun) Games, updates/pages on those soon.



The preferred way of doing things.


How to become a "Member".


Find players for your games here, review player information, and see what other people think of each Member


Find games, create games.
Find old games in the Archive.


Learn about the Rating system, what it means and how to use it.


Also in the above, he decided to sign up. Cool!

  • Members are encouraged to send a private message on the Bay12 forum to The Architect or find another way of making email contact in order to receive updates (if desired) and to submit player reviews and communicate in a non-public way. Reviews will be simple, consisting of 3 numerical ratings, a yes/no question, and an optional comment section, so that even if you had 20 players in your game it will be easy to submit the review for all of them. This will become its own subcategory under communication and responsibilities on this page at the appropriate time (Reviewing Players). Players will never be pestered with emails, only sent a newsletter if they are currently listed as seeking type a game, and sent an email when their game has ended or appears to be discontinued.
  • Our first game is beginning! It is a Survival game.
  • The first looping Succession game is being planned.
  • A Bloodline game is being planned.


Learning code quickly and applying it. Bear with me, and barring vandalism please edit this page in helpful ways.
Please use Discussion to offer help, suggestions, and discuss ideas, and (after discussion) edit with discretion.

  • We will soon have an Admins site, and Admins will be nominated. Currently edits are not restricted, but Discussion is encouraged!
  • We now have a Members page.
  • We now have a Games page.
  • We will have a Newsletter, if the pages are not enough.
  • We now have a Ratings page (info on how ratings will work, with the appropriate discussion forum)
  • We now have a [Policies page.
  • We now have a Joining page.
  • We will kick a ton of goblin ass.
  • We will make hells, monuments, and monuments to stupidity (like Boatmurdered!)
  • We will do our best to provide encouragement and support for Toady via playing his game, and organizing an aspect of his gaming community.

Current Projects and Goals of "The Architect"[edit]

  1. Create relevant pages done
  2. Learn formatting, in order to:
    1. Make a neater stats table (Members page) done
    2. color code Activity (Members page) done
    3. link from words instead of using full page names done
    4. Reformat League Games listings done
  3. Learn wiki communication system, in order to: done
    1. Use the wiki for member communication pending member participation, and searches for more efficient solutions
    2. create a wiki Newsletter (mass-mail notice of new game opportunities) only possible outside of Wiki at the moment
  4. Post Templates to help others with the interface
    1. Game posting template done
    2. Member Addition Template
  5. Reorganize main page and links


Post any requests you may have of the group here. This is not restricted, although game requests, etc may be moved to the appropriate page's Discussion area.

Recent Edits:[edit]

--The Architect 01:12, 8 October 2009 (CST) Page established and first members added,
8 players/Members after 24 hours. Cheers!

--The Architect 01:38, 8 October 2009 (CST)
Edited Talk:Succession League
Fixed formatting. Messed around with ridiculously esoteric formatting. It's not normal-html-related at all.

--The Architect 02:03, 8 October 2009 (CST) Created Members table, Goals section; both will move to separate pages shortly.
Currently researching formatting and wiki help.

--The Architect 02:46, 8 October 2009 (CST) Created Members page, moved relevant material, listed overall goals and movement.

--The Architect 03:37, 8 October 2009 (CST) Created Games page, moved some material, updated goals and personal goals, updated SL discussion page.

--The Architect 06:39, 8 October 2009 (CST) Created Joining page, formatted Games page, added 2 new members

--The Architect 08:27, 8 October 2009 (CST) Created Ratings page, with updated info on how ratings will work (as it now stands). Moving back to make a quick edit of the Members table.