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Hide Items or Buildings

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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.

This article refers to "hide" in terms of removing items or buildings from view, for the article on creature skin, see Skin.

You can hide and unhide Items and Buildings using the designation menu or look mode.

Hidden items/buildings will still be there and will still be available to dwarves usage, except they will not be visible on screen and will instead show what is on the tile other than they (or just the tile alone). You can still view the object in look mode.

To hide or unhide a building or item, you can look at an item, and then press h to hide/unhide that item, or, alternatively, you can use the designations menu, get into the item options menu with b and hide or unHide a large group of items/buildings.

Note that if you hide all stone from the stock menu, all buildings made of stone will be hidden as well.

To unhide a building, you can use the task menu to see the items it is built with, and use h to toggle hidden.

This can cause what appear to be bugs, if cage traps are hidden after they're set. In this case, use t to select only the mechanisms, and not the cage. This will hide the trap, but still allow the cage to be seen after trigger. Weapon traps need all their weapons and the mechanisms hidden to disappear.