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This article is about the value attribute belonging to plants. For computing object worth, see item value.

Each plant has a material multiplier which affects the value of plants (the objects harvested from fields), meals prepared using plants as ingredients, thread made from plants, and anything made from plant thread, including cloth, clothing, and sewn images. The multiplier does not affect the value of brewed drinks, dyes, flours, or any other plant products or extracts.

Plant name Material multiplier
Kobold bulb x5
Valley herb x5
Blade weed x2
Bloated tuber x2
Cave wheat x2
Dimple cup x2
Fisher berry x2
Longland grass x2
Pig tail x2
Plump helmet x2
Quarry bush x2
Rope reed x2
Sweet pod x2
Wild strawberry x2
Hide root x1
Muck root x1
Prickle berry x1
Rat weed x1
Sliver barb x1
Sun berry x1
Whip vine x1

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