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This article is about an older version of DF.

Here are third party applications developed for Dwarf Fortress.

Dwarf Fortress File Depot[edit]

The Dwarf Fortress File Upload Service - an excellent place to store mods, community games, tilesets and other files. Courtesy of Janus; for files related to Dwarf Fortress only.

3D Visualizers[edit]

Stonesense by Jonask, Solifuge and Kaypy[edit]

Stonesense Screenshot

Stonesense is a third party real-time visualizer that lets you view your Dwarf Fortress world in a classic isometric perspective.

More information is available in this forum thread.

Visual Fortress by Baboonanza[edit]

Source Code This is Baboonanza's 3D visualisation application. It's focused on displaying mega-projects and landscapes accurately and hopefully beautifully. Basically like 3Dwarf, but more advanced.

Out of Development and incompatible with newer versions of DF.

3Dwarf Visualizer[edit]

This is NOT real time! Dwarvis has the ability to be real time, though 3Dwarf is much more recommended. What this does is read the map out of your computer's memory when Dwarf Fortress is running and save it to a file it can read. It can then open that file and show you your fort in glorious 3D. Still in beta, obviously.


A related fortress viewing engine utilizing memory extraction and saving similar to 3Dwarf, Khazad uses an Isometric perspective reminiscent of SimCity200 & Transport Tycoon while also allowing very free form camera control in a full 3D environment. Khazad is compatible with 40d and 40d11 and entirely open source being licensed under the GPL, source and binary packages are available at SourceForge. Development is active and participation is welcome.

Dwarvis/MapExtract (Outdated)[edit]

This project is meant as a 3rd party utility for the cult-game dwarf fortress. Its purpose is to eventually provide 3-dimensional visualization of static snapshots of the ingame world of a given fortress.

Movies, Screenshots, Map Files[edit]

DF Map Compressor / DF Map Archive[edit]

The DF Map Compressor encodes multiple bitmaps exported from Dwarf Fortress into a single, very compressed, .fdf-map file. The fdf-map file can then be shared with your friends by uploading to the DF Map Archive that features an online viewer (written in Flash).

The map compressor was created by Shadowlord in May 2007. Extract from the website :

"The DF Map Compressor is a program I made to encode Dwarf Fortress fortress or world map images into a much smaller format than is possible with normal image formats. Here's a quick summary of how it works: It determines the size of your tiles from your DF font file (or asks you), splits the map up into tiles, identifies duplicate tiles, writes out every unique tile image, and then writes out a list of ID#s for each tile position which points to the tile image for that tile. What it outputs is piped through the LZMA compressor (the one used in 7-zip), to compress it further. The .df-map file which it writes out is usually less than 100 KB in size. (By comparison, a PNG of the same map can exceed 2 megabytes, depending on how well you compress it, whether you change the color depth, and whether you are using a graphical tileset or detailed font)."

Read more about the DF Map Archive on Markavian's User page.


A utility that imports 24bit greyscale bitmaps into world_gen.txt for use in DF's map generator.

Terrain Visualizer[edit]

View worldmaps in 3D! This utilizes version's built in Legends Mode map exporter and a generic HeightMap terrain visualizer. Nothing super fancy, but neat to look at. Get the 3D Terrain Viewer here, follow the instructions in the Bay12Forums Thread if you need help getting set up.

Or if you want super pretty maps, see this topic, and get Terragen!

Major Utilities[edit]

Dwarf Therapist[edit]

Dwarf Therapist gives you an advanced GUI to manage and check dwarf job allocations, military assignments, statistics (such as attributes, personality traits and happiness), plus sort dwarves by various criteria (e.g. profession, migration wave etc.) and generally manage the Dwarven Resources of your fortress in a very convenient way.

Supports the latest DF versions, including 40dXX OpenGL editions, and reported to work on native Linux builds.

Can be thought of as a superset of Dwarf Manager (which in turn is a superset of Dwarf Foreman).

Dwarf Manager[edit]

Dwarf Manager is inspired by Dwarf Foreman (below) and has a similar overall layout, but improved features. You can not only assign jobs to profession groups but also to individual dwarves; you can view their current skill for a given job displayed handily in the job grid; and you can also change their personal and profession names straight from the interface. The program handles social and military skills as well. In addition the program can be customized and updated by editing the included .xml files.

Source code is available.

Dwarf Therapist has a superset of Dwarf Manager's features.

Dwarf Foreman[edit]

Makes switching jobs on and off for large numbers of dwarves simple. Dwarves are grouped by their profession, or custom profession if they have one. By clicking on the graph you can enable any job for all dwarves with that profession. Still in alpha for this version of DF, if it doesn't recognize one of the new professions, check the file debug.txt in the directory you run foreman from.

Though prone to crashing currently, saving and exiting DF, starting foreman and then starting DF again will usually get it working again. Zorba would also appreciate it if you'd email him the crash log located in the Dwarf Foreman directory when this happens (zorba-foremancrash@pavlovian.net).

Dwarf Foreman currently allows you to change the jobs of visiting merchants, outpost liaisons, children, and any other dwarves that aren't normally controllable. It is unsupported but occasionally hilarious, and allows you to finally put those lazy dwarven children to work.

Source code is available.

To make Foreman compatible with v0.28.181.40d, update config file as shown below. Use the talk page for previous versions of DF.


Note: Dwarf Foreman-like utilities, with expanded feature sets, are also available. See Dwarf Therapist and Dwarf Manager above.

Mac Foreman[edit]

This is a MacOSX 10.5 port of Dwarf Foreman.

Source code is available.

Dwarf Fortress version: v0.28.181.40d

Dwarf Companion[edit]

Created by Bartavelle, the Dwarf Companion is a graphical helper utility for dwarf fortress that aims to fill the gaps in the user interface. It allows for some nefarious cheating. For example, you can now mark your nobles as butcherable, and change possessed dwarves to fey moods.

Gibbed's Dwarf Fortress Tweak[edit]

A toolset with many modules for tweaking / editing Dwarf Fortress memory.


Quickfort is an AutoHotkey-based utility for Dwarf Fortress that helps you build fortresses from "blueprint" .CSV files (comma separated values). These files are easily created and edited in an app like Excel. Most building-oriented DF commands are supported through the use of multiple .CSV files to describe the different phases of DF construction (designation, building, stockpiles, and making adjustments).


Modbase is a great tool made by Sean Mirrsen which allows you to freely swap mods and tweak game settings. For version 0.38c.

DF Raw Editor[edit]

DF Raw Editor is a brand new tool created to help edit the raw files. It is available here. For version 0.40d


A port of version 0.34.11's DFHack to work with Allows most simple plugins and Lua/Ruby scripts to work.

As this is still a work in progress, builds are not publicly available, but sources can be found here on GitHub.

Minor Utilities[edit]

DF Designer[edit]

DF Designer, by soundnfury is a fort layout planning tool. It enables you to work out your designs before you start to build, and even see how they look in 3-D. It's written in C with SDL, and both Linux and Windows builds are available. The source code is freely available under the GPL. Since DF Designer does not 'talk to' Dwarf Fortress, it is version-independent.

DF Log Parser[edit]

A perl script written by Mephansteras that parses through the logs to show what civs owned what sites, what their overall populations were, and what the overall population levels of cave critters were. The output file makes it pretty easy to see how the various races are doing.

You will see: Each Civilization, with overall ruler. Each site in that civ, with the local ruler. A summary of every entity in that civ. A summary of every civ, by race A listing of every Ruin A listing of the total populations of cave critters A listing of the total populations of civilized creatures

Raw perl script - requires perl Executable version - does not require perl

DF World Generator[edit]

Swiftly written supplement to the command line world generator. Written in Python, so you have to have Python installed to use this. It must be run from the command line and be in the DF Directory to work. Running the program with no parameters will provoke a short help-me dialog which will explain how to run it properly. Enjoy!


Dtil is a general purpose tool host that supplies a dynamically generated SDK for plugin authors.

Embark Anywhere[edit]

Code based on 0x517A5D's Regional Prospector (above), allows you to embark ANYWHERE, how well that works depends on where you decide to go. Pure water areas are not suggested as you can't do anything; not even drown.

Enable Magma Buildings[edit]

You need this utility in the case that you used the reveal utility before discovering any subsurface magma, or if you have reclaimed a fortress whose magma source has already been discovered. (If the hide utility is ever updated, you could also hide a few magma tiles and then dig them out. That worked in the old version.) Because there is no actual flag that controls whether magma has been seen (the game searches a list, probably a list of notable events), I had to patch the game's code. This means you need to run the utility every time you start dwarfort.exe and you want to build a new magma-using workshop.

This utility has been made version-independent. It is expected to work with future releases of Dwarf Fortress.

Just dig it out![edit]

A utility by Jifodus. Disables warning messages about damp stone and hot stone. Thread

Nano Fortress[edit]

A utility that will allow embarks to 1x1 locations.


Teleport dwarves and other creatures. Version 2.2 is independent of the DF version. (33c)

Note: This utility may not work on versions of DF 40d and later. If it doesn't work for you, try Dwarf Companion.

Caveat: The teleport utility does not correctly set the occupancy flag for map squares. As a results, dwarves will permanently crawl through the square that you teleported them out of. In addition, you cannot build structures in those squares.


Reveal (or Reveal.exe as it is commonly referred to) is a program that runs alongside Dwarf Fortress and shows all "unexplored" or "undug" tiles of the map (in fortress mode). To reveal entire map designate the entire bottom level to be mined and then remove designation before running reveal. Playing on revealed map might (read "will") cause some bugs (like not being able to build magma buildings or a tower-cap farm, losing all plants/trees on the map, and a lot more). Using Reveal has been known to corrupt saved game folders. and, as such, it is highly recommended to only use Reveal to preview a biome's layout and then restart without running Reveal.

There are two versions of Reveal, one for Vista and newer, one for XP and older.

The new version of Reveal.exe (Reveal2) is in public beta, you can find it here Reveal2. Please report problems in 0x517A5D's Talk page.

The Old version of Reveal.exe does not require you install anything (if you are using and the updated memory.ini file), just unzip both files and run reveal.exe while DF is running.

If using the OpenGL accelerated version of DF (40d16) under XP SP3, the newer version of Reveal is required as the older version can't find it. Reveal2.exe works correctly with this setup.


This AHK script generates worlds until it finds one with the desired features as defined in the init file.

This is not an advanced application, it is simply meant to take the task of repeated genning out of your hands.

The concept is that you set the parameters as you see fit, and leave it running while you go about your other business.


The readme exists for a reason.


These utilities were never designed with Dwarf Fortress in mind, but have been adapted to its use.

Accent Removal[edit]

Certain tilesets leave a bunch of funky icons in the names of your dwarves! Replacing accented letters with normal ones in the raws fixes this problem.


AHK lets you define global hotkeys to send a sequence of keystrokes. For example, you can have alt+w replace b-C-w-Enter-Enter to make wall building much easier. See Macros and Keymaps for a how-to and some example scripts. See Category:ahk scripts for a list of user submitted scripts.


Exita is a python program that takes your DF world map exports and dump them into several different text outputs.


This utility allows you to compare folders or files. It highlights anything that does not fit in with the other file, so that you can see if you want to merge them into one file or not..

Outdated Utilities[edit]

These programs are for previous versions of Dwarf Fortress, and have been left untouched for some time.


A utility for automation of mass constructions. Features three modes:

1. Rectangle rewalling - quickly build a rectangle of walls/floors using: a) the same saved material every time (DEMO) b) any material with at least 1/10/99 units

2. Quick reselect (for ANY single unit construction) - save that green glass box and never again have to look for it between all the bags!

3. Pattern construction - make a pattern file and have stuff constructed according to it (DEMO).

For more details look here: Thread


Latitudes is a utility that, when on the embark map screen, shows the X/Y coordinates of the current region. Until Toady adds proper support, this will do the trick. Works in .32a through at least .33g. Technical notes: uses memory injection, so it may be flagged as a suspicious file by anti-virus programs.


Another quick hack to make a 7/7 unit of lava on the currently selected square. Ignore the random text it spams, as it was quickly adapted from a map query tool, and I didn't bother removing the print statements. Only works with version 33e. To hack this executable for a later version of dwarf fortress see the talk page.

33g version plus autohotkey script: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xsl6gs


Jifodus wrote a little utility that lets you maintain profiles of your starting dwarves.

Check the thread on the forums for the latest download link. (Aug 01, 2008)

Incidentally, if you try this utility, please report success/failure in the utilities talk page.


Quick hack to refill ponds. Run this while your fortress is up, and it'll restore any "murky pool" tiles (i.e. the floor of ponds and lakes) to 7/7 water. If you've tunneled into a pond, it'll still refill but will flow out normally. Only works with version 33e due to its "quick hack" status. Note: If there is lava in a murky pool, it will be raised to depth 7/7.