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User:Markavian/DF Map Archive

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The website, named, the Dwarf Fortress Map Archive (DFMA) [1] is a repository and online viewer for player created maps exported from Dwarf Fortress. The site revolves around an optimized file format (.FDF-MAP), which can produce files over 2000 times smaller then the ouputted bitmaps (for a 28 layer map) and 20 times smaller then equivalent PNG files. This makes them small enough to upload and transfer across the web without chewing up bandwidth. God forbid someone trying to upload the 150MB output file from a midsize fort, we can deliver exactly the same map for ~100kb!.

The map archive lets players upload ingame maps, compressed using SL's DF Map Compressor, and view them online. The compressed image format, .FDF-MAP, is on average 50x smaller then .PNG files and 1500x smaller then .BMP files. The site also features an online player for .CMV files, the video format that DF uses. Visit the DF Map Archive to find out more!

Using the map archive[edit]

First I suggest you download SL's DF Map Compressor. Then do what the diagram says:

How to upload maps to the DF Map Archive

Key features[edit]

Taken from site navgation

  • Upload maps
  • Browse maps
    • View maps using online viewer (Requires Flash Player 9)
    • Add map commments
    • Add points of interest (Requires JavaScript)
  • Browse points of interest
  • Browse comments

Key facts[edit]

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