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40d:Item designations

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This article is about an older version of DF.

Some items have characters surrounding the name, which is a way to determine certain properties at a glance.


Sword Ordinary

-Sword- Well-crafted

+Sword+ Finely-crafted

*Sword* Superior quality

≡Sword≡ Exceptional

SwordA masterpiece

See Item quality for a full explanation of how better qualities improve value and combat modifiers.

Improvement / Decoration[edit]

«Sword» Improved or decorated

Decoration can have a quality modifier themselves, leading to combinations such as:

*«Sword»* Superior improvement/decoration

≡«+Sword+»≡ Exceptional improvement/decoration on a finely-crafted object

*«≡Sword≡»* Exceptional sword with superior decoration

These quality modifiers can be hidden in init.txt with [SHOW_IMP_QUALITY:NO].


xSwordx Showing some wear - worth 34

XSwordX Heavily worn or threadbare - worth 12

XXSwordXX In tatters or mangled - worth 14

Provenance / Ownership[edit]

(Sword) Not produced on-site (imported by traders or looted from raiders), does not count towards Created Wealth

{Sword} Unclaimed/Forbidden

$Sword$ Owned by someone else. Only appears in adventure mode.


‼Sword‼ On fire

◀Sword► Magical (not actually implemented)

The longest possible item designation is ‼{(XX≡«+Sword+»≡XX)}‼, which designates (reading from the front) that it's on fire ( ), forbidden ( { ), imported ( ( ), in tatters ( XX ), exceptionally ( ≡ ) decorated ( « ), and of fine quality (+ ).