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This article is about an older version of DF.

An ancient ruin is a special site that can be encountered in Adventurer mode. Ruins are inhabited by undead humans and contain various trinkets and valuable items. Like caves, ruins are not visible until you either receive a quest or happen to travel adjacent to one.

Ruins have several possible architectures - they can be hollow pyramids, rectangular towers, or masses of pillars above maze-like tunnels. Within each building, a weapon master can often be found (for which nearby civilizations will give you quests to destroy), though they often wander outside as well. Undead archers are particularly dangerous, as they are quite skilled and can quickly turn you into a very dead pincushion. All other undead creatures tend to be peasants wearing tattered clothes.

The structures found in ruins are made of smooth stone (with occasional rough spots) and are often adorned with spots of bright green moss.


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