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23a:Farmer's workshop

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Farmer's workshop


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Job Requirement

Farming (workshop)

Materials Jobs

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Farming (workshop)

Materials Used
Goods Created
This article is about an older version of DF.

A farmer's workshop is used to process various plants and make cheese. Pig tails and Rope reeds are processed into thread, quarry bushes into leaves, and sweet pods into dwarven syrup.

It is also used to milk purring maggots for dwarven milk. Dwarven milk as well as other (bought) milk can then be turned into cheese at a 1:1 ratio. For this the milk has to be allowed for cooking in the kitchen menu, so you might want to make sure your kitchens are idle first.


Process Plants[edit]

Requires: Pig tail or Rope reed

Creates Pig tail thread or Rope reed thread, repectively. See the textile industry for more info on these products.

Process Plants (to Bag)[edit]

Requires: Quarry bush and a bag

Creates Quarry bush leaves.

Process Plants (to Barrel)[edit]

Requires: Sweet pod and a barrel

Creates Dwarven syrup.

Process Plants (to Vial)[edit]

Requires: Valley herb and a vial

Creates Golden salve.

Milk Creature[edit]

Requires: Purring maggot and a bucket

Creates Dwarven milk.

Make Cheese[edit]

Requires: A barrel containing milk available for cooking

Creates the associated cheese. i.e. Cow milk goes to cow cheese.

If a barrel contains multiple stacks of milk (e.g. from having milked purring maggots), the entire barrel will be processed in one task, creating multiple stacks of cheese.

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