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Dwarf cancels Store Item: Item inaccessible

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This article is about the current version of DF.
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This occurs when a dwarf is fetching an item and the path between the dwarf and the item is suddenly blocked.

For instance, the item is in a room and you lock all the doors between the dwarf and the item. This error can also crop up if the item is underwater, which gets annoying when one dwarf drowns and the spouse constantly wants to retrieve the items (spouses share ownership of each other's items). It can also happen if a dwarf dies while in a region your civilians are forbidden to enter - until the restriction is lifted (or the corpse is forbidden), an endless stream of "Store Item in Tomb" jobs will be generated and immediately cancelled.

It can also happen if your dwarves are assigned to a burrow with a stockpile and there are items to be stored on that stockpile from outside of the burrow. Jobs to store items are generated by the stockpile and even if only some of your dwarves are burrow-restricted they will try to take the job (because only burrow location of job-generating building - stockpile - is checked at this moment) and fail with this message when they realize they can't go there. Stockpiles don't stop generating fetch jobs for items no one is permitted to go to but do stop when there is no actual path (e.g. a locked door).

Determining what item is causing this and forbidding it usually solves the problem. You may have luck with looking into jjobs screen and vexamining jobs or disabling your stockpiles one at a time to see which one will stop the spam.

This can also be caused if there is a flowing water. Items will be pushed to the end and the changing amounts of water will make the item accessible and inaccessible. This is a good place to look if you're having trouble finding the options. This can happen especially often with logs, when you cut down trees near the river.

If you have recently breached a cavern, the most likely culprit is refuse (e.g. vermin remains) which is inaccessible due to height or unrevealed tiles.