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v0.34:Position token

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This article is about an older version of DF.

These tokens define positions in entity_*.txt files. See Entity token.

Position Tokens[edit]

These tokens belong in an entity definition. These tokens apply to a position (such as monarch) and should follow the [POSITION:POSITION_NAME] token.

Token Arguments Description
ACCOUNT_EXEMPT The position holder is not subjected to the economy. Less than relevant right now.
ALLOWED_CLASS CREATURE_CLASS Token Only creatures with the specified class token can be appointed to this position.
ALLOWED_CREATURE CREATURE:CASTE Restricts the position to only the defined caste. Only works with a caste of the entity's current race (If the entity had multiple CREATURE: tokens)
APPOINTED_BY position This position can only be chosen to the task from the nobles screen, and is available only if there is an *argument* present. For example, the GENERAL is [APPOINTED_BY:MONARCH]. Contrast [ELECTED]. Being appointed by a MONARCH seems to handle a lot of worldgen stuff and interferes with fort mode titles.
BRAG_ON_KILL A creature that kills this position will be sure to talk about it a lot.
CHAT_WORTHY In adventure mode, when referencing locations an NPC may mention this position holder living there or having done some deed there.
COLOR color Creatures of this position will have this color, instead of their profession color. e.g. [COLOR:5:0:1]
COMMANDER position:ALL This position will act as a commander of the specified position[Verify]. E.g. GENERAL is [COMMANDER:LIEUTENANT:ALL]. Unknown if values other than ALL work.
CONQUERED_SITE This position is the puppet ruler left behind on a conquered site.
DEMAND_MAX number (0-100) How many demands at one time the position can make of the population.
DETERMINES_COIN_DESIGN Minted coins will have images that reflect the personality of this position holder.
DO_NOT_CULL The position won't be culled from Legends as "unimportant" during world generation.
DUTY_BOUND Members of this position will never agree to 'join' your character during adventure mode.
ELECTED The population will periodically select the most skill-eligible creature to fill this position. Contrast [APPOINTED_BY].
EXECUTION_SKILL weapon skill A mandatory subtag of [RESPONSIBILITY:EXECUTIONS]. Determines the weapon chosen by the executioner for his work.
EXPORTED_IN_LEGENDS The various members who have filled this role will be listed in the civilisation's history.
FLASHES The creature holding this position will visibly flash, like legendary citizens. Represents a properly noble station by default.
GENDER male/female The position can only be held by specified gender.
KILL_QUEST The position can assign quests to adventurers.
LAND_HOLDER importance tier (1-3) The position is a title bestowed by the King. The outpost liaison may offer to appoint a citizen to this position once the wealth requirements given in the LAND_HOLDER_TRIGGER in the entity definition has been met.
LAND_NAME string The name the area takes on when under the control of a LAND_HOLDER. E.g. for the DUKE, [LAND_NAME:a duchy]
MANDATE_MAX number (0-100) The maximum number of mandates the position can make at once.
MENIAL_WORK_EXEMPTION The position cannot be assigned labours, and will generally just lounge around like nobles do. Currently does not actually work. Bug:3721
MENIAL_WORK_EXEMPTION_SPOUSE The spouse of the position holder doesn't have to work, either. Also doesn't work either. Bug:3721
MILITARY_SCREEN_ONLY This position can not be appointed from the nobles screen. Intended for militia captains and other squad leaders to reduce clutter.
NAME singular:plural The name of the position.
NAME_MALE singular:plural If the creature holding the position is male, this is the position's name. E.g. for MONARCH, [NAME_MALE:king:kings]
NAME_FEMALE singular:plural If the creature holding the position is female, this is the position's name. E.g. for MONARCH, [NAME_FEMALE:queen:queens]
  • number/AS_NEEDED
How many of the position there should be. If the [SITE] token exists, this is per site, otherwise this is per civilisation.
PRECEDENCE number (0-30000) How important the position is in society; a lower number is more important and displayed higher in the Nobles menu. For MONARCH it's 1, for MILITIA_CAPTAIN it's 200.
PUNISHMENT_EXEMPTION The position holder will not be held accountable for his or her crimes. Does not appear to work. Bug:4589
QUEST_GIVER The position holder can give quests in Adventurer mode. Functionality in 0.31.13 and later is uncertain.
REJECTED_CLASS CREATURE_CLASS Token Creatures of the specified class cannot be appointed to this position.
REJECTED_CREATURE CREATURE:CASTE Restricts position holders by CREATURE type.
REPLACED_BY position This position is absorbed by another down the line. For example, expedition leader is [REPLACED_BY:MAYOR].
REQUIRED_BEDROOM number (0-1000000) The position holder requires a bedroom with at least this value.
REQUIRED_BOXES number (0-100) The position holder requires at least this many boxes.
REQUIRED_CABINETS number (0-100) The position holder requires at least this many cabinets.
REQUIRED_DINING number (0-1000000) The position holder requires a dining room with at least this value.
REQUIRED_OFFICE number (0-1000000) The position holder requires an office with at least this value.
REQUIRED_RACKS number (0-100) The position holder requires at least this many weapon racks.
REQUIRED_STANDS number (0-100) The position holder requires at least this many armour stands.
REQUIRED_TOMB number (0-1000000) The position holder requires a tomb with at least this value.
REQUIRES_POPULATION number The position requires the population to be at least this number before it becomes available or before the position holder will move in.
RESPONSIBILITY responsibility The position holder does a thing. See the table below for suitable arguments.
RULES_FROM_LOCATION The position holder is the main ruler of his site and tends to stay there. [Verify] This token is also required for custom position to appear in fortresses and town keeps in adventure mode, like randomly generated lords/ladies.
SITE The civilisation will attempt to have this position separate for each site.
SLEEP_PRETENSION The position holder will get upset if someone with a higher PRECEDENCE holds quarters with a greater value than their own.
SPECIAL_BURIAL The civilisation will inter the corpse of the position holder in a special grave, either in catacombs or in monuments. If that grave is disturbed, the position holder can return as a mummy. [Verify]
SPOUSE singular:plural The name of the position holder's spouse.
SPOUSE_FEMALE singular:plural If the spouse of the creature holding the position is female, this is the spouse's position name.
SPOUSE_MALE singular:plural If the spouse of the creature holding the position is male, this is the spouse's position name.
SQUAD number:singular:plural The position holder is authorized to form a military squad, led by themselves. The number denotes the maximum headcount. The noun used to describe the subordinates (e.g. royal guard) may be a relic from the 40d era.[Verify]
  • BY_HEIR / BY_POSITION:position
How a new position holder is chosen. A single position can have multiple BY_POSITION tokens.


Argument Description Notes
ACCOUNTING Found on bookkeeper. Position will use Record Keeper skill to keep track of stocks.
ATTACK_ENEMIES Found on elven ranger captain and human warrior. Effect unknown.[Verify]
BUILD_MORALE Found on champion. Position will lead military training exercises.[Verify]
COLLECT_TAXES Found on tax collector. Position goes around and collects the tax money from the populace, under armed escort. Removed in version 0.31 along with the dwarven economy. Has no current effect.
EQUIPMENT_MANIFESTS Found on arsenal dwarf. Position will keep track of assigned weapons and equipment. Removed in version 31.10. Has no effect.
ESCORT_TAX_COLLECTOR Found on hammerer. Position serves as one of the tax collector's bodyguards during his rounds. Removed in version 0.31 along with the tax collector. Has no current effect.
ESTABLISH_COLONY_TRADE_AGREEMENTS Found on outpost liaison. Position will live in the civilization capital and travels to make trade agreements with its colonies.
EXECUTIONS Found on hammerer. Position executes death penalties with a weapon of the appropriate skill.
HEALTH_MANAGEMENT Found on chief medical dwarf. Position will use Diagnostician skill enable the z-menu health screen.
LAW_ENFORCEMENT Found on sheriff/captain of the guard. Position and its subordinates are in charge of punishing criminals.
LAW_MAKING Found on monarch/landholders. Seems to allow position to receive elf and human diplomats.[Verify]
MAKE_INTRODUCTIONS Found on diplomat. Effect unknown.[Verify]
MAKE_PEACE_AGREEMENTS Found on diplomat. Position negotiates peace treaties in order to end wars.
MAKE_TOPIC_AGREEMENTS Found on diplomat. Position negotiates special agreements such as tree cutting quotas.
MANAGE_PRODUCTION Found on manager. Position enables the use of workshop profiles and uses the Organizer skill to process work orders entered in the job manager after the fortress population reaches 20.
MEET_WORKERS Found on expedition leader/mayor. Position holds meetings with unhappy citizens and tries to pacify them with happy thoughts.
MILITARY_GOALS Found on monarch/landholder/leaders. Effect unknown.[Verify]
MILITARY_STRATEGY Found on general/militia commander. During worldgen, position will go on expeditions to tame exotic creatures.[Verify]
PATROL_TERRITORY Found on elven ranger captain and human warrior. Effect unknown.[Verify]
RECEIVE_DIPLOMATS Found on monarch/landholder/leaders. Position will hold meetings with incoming diplomats and liaisons.
RELIGION Found on elven druid. Position informs you about worship cults[Verify]
SORT_AMMUNITION Found on arsenal dwarf. Position approves changes to ammunition settings in the military screen. Removed in version 31.10. Has no current effect.
TAME_EXOTICS Found on dungeon master. Position enables taming exotic creatures and does forge work. Defunct since version 0.31, removed with the animal training overhaul in 34.06. Has no current effect.
TRADE Found on broker. Position will use Appraisal skill to display value estimates and trade at the depot when set to broker only. When applied to other civilizations, the position will arrive with the caravan to make trade agreements.
UPGRADE_SQUAD_EQUIPMENT Found on arsenal dwarf. Position approves changes to assigned squad equipment in the military screen. Removed in version 31.10. Has no current effect.

Related Tokens[edit]

The following two ENTITY tokens are not actually position tokens, but bear mentioning on this page because they can modify the way that a civilization's positions behave:

Token Arguments Description
  • landholder tier
  • population
  • wealth exported
  • created wealth
Defines the requirements for the noble ruler promotions. The tier numbers determine which position is used.
VARIABLE_POSITIONS Position responsibility or ALL Allows a responsibility to be taken up by a dynamically generated position (such as Law-maker).

Why Won't My Positions Appear?[edit]

The way DF determines what positions will actually appear in your fortress is somewhat counterintuitive and fairly limiting. This guide should help you understand what you can do to actually get your positions working properly.

There are five tokens governing which positions appear in your fortress - LAND_HOLDER, REQUIRES_POPULATION, APPOINTED_BY, ELECTED, and REPLACED_BY. The first two determine when your fortress is eligible for a new position, the next two determine how a new position for which your fortress is eligible can be added, and the fifth allows you to clear up obsolete positions. Unfortunately, they also interact in some strange ways that makes creating interesting position structures difficult.

When you start a new fortress, DF compiles a list of your initial positions. To do this, it looks at the requirements for each position - any position whose only requirement is less than seven dwarves (either because they have no requirement tokens, or because their only requirement tokens are [REQUIRES_POPULATION: =< 7] or [LAND_HOLDER:some trigger whose only requirement is some number of dwarves equal to or less than 7]). Most importantly, any position whose only requirement is a LAND_HOLDER requirement, regardless of what the trigger for that requirement is, will be added if another eligible starting position is REPLACED_BY it. A non-LAND_HOLDER position that is REPLACED_BY a LAND_HOLDER position will never appear. With this list compiled, the game culls all positions that are REPLACED_BY another eligible position, and then culls all positions that have the APPOINTED_BY token. You may not embark with any appointed positions. Any remaining positions are then filled by a dwarf chosen at random.

Positions do not automatically appear when you reach their requirements. For example, if you remove the ELECTED token from the Mayor, then the Mayor will never appear, even once you reach his required number of dwarves. For a position that does not appear at embark to appear in your fortress, it must be APPOINTED_BY another position or ELECTED.

Naturally, this is more complicated than it looks. APPOINTED_BY positions must be appointed by another position already in your fortress, or a civ-level position. Only LAND_HOLDER positions may be appointed by civ-level positions. LAND_HOLDER positions that are APPOINTED_BY civ-level positions are inherently tied to civ-level tokens with the ESTABLISH_COLONY_TRADE_AGREEMENTS responsibility. If a fortress meets the LAND_HOLDER_TRIGGER for a new LAND_HOLDER tier when a caravan leaves, then the next time the outpost liaison or equivalent arrives, he will offer to make you an official colony, which will allow you to select all positions for that LAND_HOLDER level. Each time he appears, the outpost liaison will only promote your fortress one tier up the LAND_HOLDER track. The biggest problem with this system is that you may set your LAND_HOLDER_TRIGGERS such that you are eligible for the first tier of LAND_HOLDER positions at embark. If you are eligible for the first tier of LAND_HOLDER positions at embark, then all first-tier positions will appear twice - once at embark, and again when the outpost liaison comes to appoint you to the first tier.