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This article is about an older version of DF.
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Invader is a catch-all term for any intelligent creatures that come to your fortress with the sole purpose of killing and/or enslaving your dwarves.

Back in the good ol' days we could just say "Goblin" and everyone would know what you meant. But what with goblin merchants popping up every year (admittedly only at a few new-age dwarven forts that proclaim "free love" and "tolerance" and "baloney"); and both humans, elves and even other dwarves mustering their forces for war, such racist remarks are no longer tolerated in today's modern dwarven society,

No, when someone visits your fort to stick the pointy end of their sword through your beer-soaked belly you should be politically correct and say "Oh drat! An invader! Curse them!" We don't want goblins creatures getting upset.

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