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Royal jelly & honeycomb[edit]

Given that the details for royal jelly & honeycomb are covered on this page, is the ideal to set up a page for each of them that links back here, to avoid duplication of information? --zooeyglass 09:40, 31 March 2011 (UTC)


any idea what the beestings amount to? I'm not sure it lowers happiness as it is.

Dwarfs stuck outside[edit]

My beekeepers will often become stuck in place outside and only come back when they are very hungry or thirsty. The unit menu has their task and :installing colony, yet they are nowhere near a natural or artificial beehive. this has led to many of them being killed in ambushes, by wild animals, or sieges. They do not respond to burrow assignments and only flee when an enemy approaches them.

BrickT 5:33 Pm 7/25/11

As I recall this is a bug in the latest DF related to trying to locate a wild bee colony for installation into a hive, during which process the swarm moved and got lost unexpectedly. The dwarf never tries to go find another but just sits there. You can snap dwarves out of this trance by deconstructing the hive they were trying to install in - or all nearby empty hives if you dont know which one it was. -- Dec 7 2011.

"No Output"[edit]

I've noticed that since I hit 60 active hives, no products are collected from hives. Maybe that's what it refers to? If so, "Output Restricted" likely means product is produced less often. --CKwolek, 4:04, 7 December 2011