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This article is about an older version of DF.
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A suicide booth is a tiny room used to dispose of unwanted dwarves, be they filthy migrants, obnoxious nobles, or crippled warriors. (Variations can be used on unwanted pets as well.)

Be aware that dwarves who lose friends or pets will receive a very strong bad thought that may trigger a tantrum.

The basic booth[edit]

The booth is a tiny room containing some sort of trap connected to a lever, and possibly sealed with a door. The victim is lured to the booth, and locked in if necessary. A lever is pulled, and the trap activates.

The victim enters the trap[edit]

For most dwarves, you can draft the victim into the military, and station him inside the booth.

For nobles, who cannot be drafted, a lever must be installed in the room for them to pull, restricted via workshop profile so that other dwarves will not touch it. Since a simple trap and a lever cannot be in the same square, the room must be at least 2 tiles big, and the trap builder must consider that the victim may be standing on either tile.

For children, who will not even pull levers, construct walls or floors inside the room and then designate them for removal while all other adult civilian dwarves and nobles are currently busy performing other tasks.

For pets, one method is to station the owner inside the room until the pets follow, then station him/her outside the room and lock the door before the pets have a chance to react.

The trap[edit]

This can be a simple upright spear (i.e. menacing spike), a drawbridge, or some more complex device involving retracting bridges and long falls, water to drown the victim or magma for a flashier end.

If crippling, rather than killing, is desired (as often preferred with Hammerers), a wooden/glass menacing spike or a fall of no more than a few z-levels is often recommended. If it doesn't achieve the desired results the first time, you can always do it again.

The trigger[edit]

As mentioned above, a lever needs to be pulled, either by a second dwarf, or by the victim once inside the room. If the target is not on the desired square, the "Pull" command for the lever can be set on repeat, in the hopes that the target will walk onto the trap - they never see it coming.

Slow option[edit]

A simpler (but less entertaining) approach is just to lock the dwarf in a room, perhaps either a workshop that is not needed or a bedroom, wait for the dwarf to die of dehydration or starvation. Obviously, this does not work for pets.