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He is twenty years old, born on the 26th of June in the year 1997.
He is tall. His eyes are dark brown. His nose is broad. His long brown hair is unkempt. His skin is tan.
He likes fantasy, modding, RPG games, randomly generated creatures, and Dwarf Fortress v0.40.24 for its brutal wildlife.

About me[edit]

Hi there! I'm Filip Gołębiowski, a 20 years old male Homo Sapiens from Poland. I often (but not this time) use the nick Qwert225.

Why Dwarf Fortress?[edit]

I've chosen to play Dwarf Fortress because it's an easily moddable open world game with realistic combat mechanics.

My mod[edit]

I started modding because I wanted something new in the game. One day I came across an idea to add new, pestilent kind of rodent living in large groups in the caverns and assaulting the fortresses for food. This idea has born my first creature modded into the game: the Dreadrat. Now the Dreadrats aren't as deadly as in the old good v0.40.24, when they were created, but they still can be fun to an unexperienced wanderer.

Since then, I added next creatures into the game, having fun with them and creating my own, unique world. My mod, "The Ferocious Brood of En'yven", counts now over 400 creatures and much more other content. I'm currently focused on balancing it and polishing it out to make everything look neatly when I release it. The mod features many new types of fun, but I won't spoil it for you now. Stay tuned!