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User:Rick/Memory research/v0.27.169.32a

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Useful Offsets[edit]

Name Size Type Notes Offset
Min Save Version 4 long Minimum save version that can be loaded. 00C35188
Max Save Version 4 long Maximum save version that can be loaded. 00C06084
Map X Count 4 long This represents the number of X blocks, not total X tiles. 01457538
Map Y Count 4 long This represents the number of Y blocks, not total Y tiles. 0145753C
Map Z Count 4 long 01457540
Map Data 4 pointer 01457520
View X 4 long Set to 0xFFFF8AD0 (-30000) when not in a 'Look Around' mode. 008F4288
View Y 4 long 008F428C
View Z 4 long 008F4290
Screen X 4 long 00BF2480
Screen Y 4 long 00C1ACBC
Screen Z 4 long 00C1AC98