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History of Lolortathur (Letterscribed)[edit]

Physical Description[edit]



Initially there were 7. Our first wave of immigration brought us 12 new dwarves that first year. The next year saw 18 new folks, one of whom has died in the interim. The third immigration wave brought 21 new dwarves, one of whom has died. Both deaths were dwarves despondent after failing to make artifacts. The fourth wave brought us 20 more, plus 2 children. In the interim we've had 5 babies born at the fortress itself. So we now stand:

  • 7/7 initial dwarves (group A)
  • + 7/7 immigrants (group B)
  • + 3/3 immigrants (group C)
  • + 22/22 immigrants (group D: 16 Slate 252)
  • total = adults, 0 kids.


Without Dwarf Therapist (there is no compiled Mac version, although in principle this should be possible), I'm now having a hard time keeping track of who can do what. I'll use this section to list guys I want to be able to remember.

A list of dwarfs with multiple skills.

  • A1: Militia commander. Miner
  • A2: Miner. (doctor)
  • A3: Leader. Miner, woodcutter, weaponsmith, armorsmith.
  • A4: Carpenter, mechanic, furnace op.
  • A5: Mason. designer, burner.
  • A6: Grower. cook, metalsmith, herbalist.
  • A7: Grower. furnace op, brewer, herbalist.
  • B1: Miner. siege op.
  • B2: Broker. Engraver. brewer, appraiser.
  • B3: Mason. (soaper)
  • B4: Gem Cutter. suturer.
  • B5: Glazer. weaponsmith.
  • B6: Fish Dissector. herbalist, grower.
  • B7: Cook. herbalist, wound dresser. (teacher)
  • C1: Furnace op. brewer.
  • C2: Stone Crafter. judge of intent. (crafts)
  • C3: Grower. potash maker.
  • D1: ...

OMG OMG OMG! Oh Em Gee! Dwarf Therapist for Mac! YEAH!


commander is A1 axedwarf.

Early History[edit]

Year 252[edit]

  • 12 Timber. A caravan has arrived. After trading all the small stuff I had (mechanisms are good).