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Dwarf Fortress. It's not a game, it's a lifestyle. I've been playing video games since the early eighties, and this game beats them all. Below you will find random musings, my own notes to myself, really.

My New Current Fortress[edit]

The Fortress of City Lions

ChanneledKisses is an awesome fortress, one from which I have learned a lot. But there comes a time when you realize that your accumulation of mistakes has become too great. ChanneledKisses is a dark and violent fortress, one out of eight are permanently crippled. Due to constant attacks, I have never been able to find the time to wall off the mayor for a season to get a baron. The fort has a volcano, sandstone with tons of coal, and marble. What it never had is a properly working trap system. And that is why one in eight citizens is maimed: I never had the time to train my militia right, they were always recovering from the last attack. You need to get them ready before you set them loose on the enemy, and to do that, you need to have the option of NOT using them. The answer, as I think everyone but me must know, is cage traps.

So I went looking for a nice location, with goblins present but far away. Like, actually far away and not just the farthest away. And no volcano. I ended up finding a nice limestone valley near a middling large Dwarven civilization and far from goblins. They didn't send snatchers until year 2, and no ambushes until the spring of 53. I found a magma pipe terminating nicely in the first cavern level, at z-21. My main housing floor was built at z-9, I built another at z-14, right above the cavern, with a stairwell going down a column to the magma workshop under the cavern floor.

Random Musings[edit]

So I'm kinda treating my user page like a DF journal, just writing down random funny or useful or weird stuff. But I want to keep my home talk page clean, so look here: User:GhostDwemer/Random Stuff


For Perfect World elevation maps. IndiaesqueSmall.png

Rough Draft, Pressure Regulating Water Reactor[edit]

Diagonal flow makes the reactor less dependent on water levels, can be tuned for zero evaporation, can be expanded to any size (given enough space). This is a rough draft, I'm still working out the details. The current inlet and outlet are just stupid.