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I am an editor on this wiki, and several of my wiki-related projects exist here; however, this page primarily exists because the redlink looks ugly. If you have a comment for me, leave it at my talk page.


Here is a list of articles that I'm working on so that they can be fit for the DF2012 namespace. Feel free to edit them as if they were a normal wiki article — after all, there's little point in a sandbox if it never enters the wiki.

Future event sandboxes[edit]

Nothing to see here right now.

Other stuff[edit]

Successful sandboxes[edit]

Certain templates and pages originated in the sandboxes, and are now parts of the wiki proper. The names here still exist as redirects, but they should not be used for linking or transclusion.

Editing style[edit]

I consider myself a small-scale editor, focusing mainly on minor stylistic issues, and occasionally expanding articles. If there are several related articles sharing a common flaw, leave a message on my talk page and I will see what I can do.