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DeTheGreat is a new player from Texas who uses the wiki like anyone in his position should, to try to find answers. Questions are posted as they arise on his "my talk" page in order to stay out of the way of those who actually know what they're doing. He's a pretty friendly guy who enjoys games of all sorts, sports, and of course Dwarf Fortress. If there any questions, comments, or just wanting to have a general conversation with him, simply post on his my talk page.

DeTheGreat's personal records currently are:

Most dwarves alive at one time- 62 Most dwarves killed at one time - 55 Most valuable item made - A turtle shell spiked chain worth 18,000 or so. Least valuable artifact made - a rock salt ring worth 4800.

DeTheGreat has been happy lately. He slept in a good bed lately. He admired own fine door lately. He had a decent drink lately. He complained about the rain lately. DeTheGreat likes emeralds, white sand, sturdy oak trees, donkeys for their stubbornness, and horses for their speed. DeTheGreat 22:48, 6 June 2008 (EDT)