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Howdy, here is my page :)

I've never done any wiki work before and figured I might be able to add to this group of dwarf lovers :P

I'm going to add stuff here until I figure out where to put them.

Rick's Tweak Uses[edit]

I really like Rick's Tweak util and use it to mess with my dwarves while I'm bored.


Add a Chasm[edit]

On the General tab, change Type to 23 00 then click OK to write this tile information to Dwarf Fortress.

If done on the lowest z-level, it will act like any normal chasm minus the creatures.

If done on any other level, the chasm still acts like a chasm and destroys anything that enters it. But, it also does some unknown things to the tiles below it: I changed a tile in the middle of a river and all the tiles below it showed as outside, I also changed a tile in the middle of my fort (with rooms below and above the tile) and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

actually I just tried it this time with a river right above the fort and the river flooded the fort... so it could be just like a channel but destroys objects if they pass to the last floor.

A quick fix to an accidental flood could be to make a temporary chasm at the lowest point of the flood to clean up the unwanted water faster. You'd also want to block the source, but you don't need a chasm for that.

Add a Waterfall[edit]

On the General tab, change Type to 59 00 then click OK to write this tile information to Dwarf Fortress.

This can be done anywhere, and produces a nice amount of mist along with the magical production of free water.

Other Things[edit]

I've tried and failed at making a river that flows from nowhere--which is how I came to make the waterfall.

I still don't know what the unknown flag (27) in the Designation tab is for--some of the waterfalls I found had that flag yet lost it when I copied all the info into a new tile.

Memory Hacks[edit]

My foolings around with the memory stuff:

Map blocks have an event vector (per other's findings) and that vector is a list of addresses to events. When the "Type" of the tile is "B8 01" or 184, then you've got an event tile--to find out what it is you have to look at the events and their masks.

Vector stuff:
 ... (Start mem) (End mem) (end alloc mem) FFFF
@ Vector Start
(Event mem 1) (Event mem 2) ...
@ Event
(ID) (mask...) (flags)

basic event type IDs:

00 -> 7E Gems
7F -> 98 Rocks (non-eco)
99 -> A9 Ore (+dye stuff)
AA -> D0 Rocks (eco)
D1       Adamantine
D2 -> DC Clays
DD -> E5 Sand
E6 -> FF Undefined or "Rock"

list of known "events"