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Thoughts and Preferences[edit]

Bronzebeard has been ecstatic lately. He's watched his inner-mountain city, Stormhammer, prosper lately. He's had his armies scour the surroundings for Shluthoder kobolds recently (and particularly their leader, "Jrukralmis"). He's had his trusty hammerdwarven guards repel some Nebutes goblins lately. He's had doubts whether more skulls could fit in his trophy room recently...
He is a faithful worshiper of Aggramar, the Avenger.
He is the mighty and undisputed ruler of the Hammers of Bravery. He is a citizen of the Walls of Praise. He is a citizen of the Hammers of Bravery (as redundant as it may be).
He likes adamantite, platinum, and the crackle of goblin skulls when hit by his mighty war hammer. When possible, he prefers to consume dwarven beer, dwarven wine, dwarven ale, whip wine, river spirits, fisher berry wine, longland beer, strawberry wine, tuber beer, prickle berry wine, sewer brew, gutter cruor, swamp whiskey and generally whatever other bit of booze laying around.
He is quick to anger. He can handle stress. He is assertive and aggressive. He loves a good thrill. He rarely likes compromising with others. He is not easily moved to pity. He likes scribbling away at his desk in the wee hours. He needs ungodly amounts of alcohol to get through the working day (and is starting to work slow due to its scarcity).