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Aescula Janus has been content lately. She has been satisfied at work lately. She has broken up with a lover lately. She has had a fight with a lover lately. She has completed a challenge lately. She has admired own computer lately. She has made a satisfying acquisition lately. She has attended a party lately. She has talked with a friend lately. She has talked with a lover lately. She has dined without a proper dining room lately. She has slept in a poor bedroom lately. She has complained of the lack of tables lately. She was irritated by the sun lately.
She is a follower of the Four Elements.
She is a citizen of the United States of America. She is a member of the Furry Fandom.
She is twenty-one years old, born on the 15th of October in the year 1988.
She is tall and slender. Her long hair is tied in a ponytail. Her pointy ears rest atop her head. Her average-set neon-green eyes are slightly sunken. Her broad snout is short. Her hair is black with green. Her fur is dark grey with green.
She is quick to heal.
She is quick to tire, and weak.
Aescula Janus likes cobaltite, olivine, blue lace agate, aspen wood, the color blue, mountains, staffs, desks, and hyenas for their society. She absolutely detests tentacle demons. When possible, she prefers to consume Mountain Dew.
She has a deep well of empathy and strong analytical abilities,
but can get impatient, has an iffy memory, poor focus, and bad intuition.
She has a cheerful demeanor. She is uncomfortable in social situations. She lives life at a leisurely pace. She enjoys intellectual discussions. She is put off by authority and tradition. She has a strong sense of duty, but very little self-discipline. She tends to not make eye contact when she's speaking to somebody. She needs caffiene to get through the working day.

Just a modding hyena here ;P Known for cheating, though. I'll post all my mods here, as they're finished up.

I have some 2010 mods!

2010 mods[edit]


Yup, cobalt as a metal. Works for weapons, mechanisms, but not armor. Value 20.


	[STATE_NAME_ADJ:LIQUID:molten cobalt]
	[STATE_NAME_ADJ:GAS:boiling cobalt]

inorganic_stone_mineral.txt (replaces cobaltite entry):


This probably needs a new world.

40d Mods[edit]

All below mods are in 40d only!

Food from Stone[edit]

Needs a new world.

In reaction_standard.txt:

[NAME:make food from stone!]

Be warned, this will convert ANY stone into 15 Plump Helmets, including economic stones and metal ores, so keep a sharp eye on them while they're doing this!

Dragon Breeding[edit]

I did this while I already had a male and a female dragon captured and tamed. You don't have to make a new world.

In creature_standard.txt, in the dragon section:


Feline Natureborn[edit]

This is a mod by DarthCloakedDwarf, I just helped with it, basically being a code monkey. It will be up to view here.

Domestic Spinner[edit]

Just what it sounds like. Making a domesticated creature that can spin webs. Not working yet. I copied everything I could find from the dog, merely changing names and adding in the web-spinner part from cave spiders.

Newest version. This allows embarking with a canine-clone that shows up as a Gannek, along with embark options of gannek silk goods and clothes, and occasional spots of gannek web appearing in the world where I embark, but those don't regenerate, and the ganneks themselves only exist as the ones I have, which spin webs as a breath attack. I would like this to be a casual thing, like regular cave spiders.

Also, is it possible that [THICKWEB] implies [AMBUSHPREDATOR]?



Coming soon! Feel free to suggest, at aescula.yena[at]gmail.com

Or on my Talk page, of course.