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The soundtrack for Dwarf Fortress premium consists of fifteen compositions. Some releases feature three additional bonus tracks.


The original soundtrack for Dwarf Fortress was composed by the game's co-creator Toady One. It was a pair of Flamenco-inspired guitar riffs as Tarn Adams was noodling around on the guitar[1].Partial tabs to the game song have been provided by Toady One on the Dwarf Fortress forum.

In 2022, the Dwarf Fortress premium edition OST was released. The main composers and performers are Omar Dabbous, Simon Swerwer, and Águeda Macias (Simon Swerwer has previously worked on community project for SoundSense). Some of the songs include lyrics in the Dwarven language, they all sound appropriately ancient and have a folkish mystery about them.[2]

Premium OST[edit]


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The Premium OST is dynamic, and the songs that play during games will depend on game context.

Dwarf Fortress Soundtrack
# Title Length Trigger condition
1 Dwarf Fortress 6:50
2 First Year 5:00 [CONTEXT:FIRST_YEAR]
3 Craftsdwarfship 3:46 [CONTEXT:ANY]
4 Strike The Earth! 4:05 [EVENT:JUST_EMBARKED]

[FREQUENCY:UNCOMMON] can also play any time, half as often as the other candidates

5 Strange Moods 4:37 [CONTEXT:MAIN]
6 Hill Dwarf 4:11 [CONTEXT:MAIN]
7 Vile Force of Darkness 5:17 [EVENT:SIEGE]
8 Expansive Cavern 4:05 [EVENT:FIRST_CAVERN_OPENED]


9 Forgotten Beast 3:53 [EVENT:MEGABEAST_ATTACK]


10 Drink & Industry 2:10 [EVENT:TAVERN_MUSIC_PRESENT]


11 Mountainhome 5:27 [CONTEXT:ANY]
12 Death Spiral 5:20 [EVENT:DEATH_SPIRAL]
13 Winter Entombs You 5:22 [CONTEXT:WINTER]
14 Another Year 5:35 [CONTEXT:SECOND_YEAR_PLUS]
15 Koganusan 3:52 [EVENT:LOST_FORT]

no CONTEXT - does not play aside from EVENT

16 Espagnole (Bonus) 2:49
17 Haunted Lands (Bonus) 2:41
18 Cages & Chains (Bonus) 1:54

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