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This is an archive page. Seeds for the current version can be found at Pregenerated worlds.

NOTE: The world generation code changed for versions and and While the world map will be very similiar, the details will differ (e.g. rock layers will be different). According to Toady, for .33f "I've changed the metal frequencies, so that's probably the point at which it will break down. Any stages after that will also be affected." For .33g, names no longer affect world generation.

Seeded worlds are special "codes" which tell the game's pseudo-random number generator (a sophisticated mathematical function which produces numbers that seem random) where to begin generating a world. Because the random number generator is actually just a mathematical function and thus always produces the same result when given a certain input, you can "seed" the generator to produce an entire series of random numbers on another computer that are exactly the same as they were originally produced on the first computer.

To use a seeded world, select Create a New World during the main menu, then hit s to specify a seed. Type in the seed and hit Enter, then hit Enter one more time to begin generation. It will still take the normal amount of time to generate the world, and you will still have rejects before the world is produced.

The random seed used also determines the world's name if a random name is selected. This disrupts the sequence of psudeorandom numbers. As a consequence, a seed with a player-given name will result in a completely different world than the same seed with a random name. Seed publishers should specify whether a random or a given name was selected when generating the world.

Mineral content is determined at the time it is allocated, (essentially when you dig near it). Accordingly the map seed determines the layers and therefore the probability of certain rocks/ores, but the ore veins themselves will vary.

A further warning: there may be other things that affect world generation, such as your operating system. If you generate a world different from one described here, with the same seed and the same name, please mention it with the relevant details (operating system including any service packs, processor type, and game version) here.


v0.27.169.33e and earlier[edit]

Quick Generating Seeds[edit]

Seed 0: 0 Rejects and plenty of awesomeness[edit]

This world uses a random name and was generated in v0.27.169.33a.

You may see this for yourself here. Notables are a fairly large ocean in the lower-left corner, and over 7 volcanoes scattered around the map. There also seems to be a nice variety of environments for your leisure.

Here's a starting location with almost literally everything: trees, flux, a magma pocket (not visible from the surface, but only a few levels from the surface below the elevated area between the trees and the sand), all the basic metals, sand and adamantine. There are many other really good sites in the squares around the same volcano, and several similarly ideal sites around volcanoes about six region tiles to the east and southeast.

The dwarven town depicted is my own abandoned fortress; you won't see it when you play. Enjoy!

The zen site - one with everything.

Seed 2: A Quick One[edit]

This seed only rejects 3 regions, so it is one of the quickest to generate. This saves time if your computer is slow, and don't want to download the pregenerated one.

Here is a starting place for seed 2 that is relatively flat, has magma and water on the same Z level. Has flux, sand. Heavily forested and max herbs. Enjoy.

The aquifer is only in the top left corner of this map, and can easily be avoided if you don't wish to deal with one.

Neighbors: Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Humans

Features: Magma vent, Aquifer

Dominant Stone Types: Granite, Rhyolite, Andesite

Sand Types: Loamy, Black

Climate: Temperate

Biomes: Temperate Freshwater Swamp

Generation Features: Only 3 rejections

Dwarfort 2007-11-03 02-06-26-53.jpg

  • A couple more nice starting spots right next door have similar features, though with mountains, being slightly further apart and with a higher challenge (being in the "Terrifying" area). Both have sand (in the tree-lined areas) and flux.

Df seeda.png

Df seedb.png

Seed 34: One Reject Seed[edit]

Nice and easy for those of you with slow PCs.

Seed 987654321 - Quicky[edit]

Only 5 rejects, so this one is a quick generation!

Seed 120 (=lol!)[edit]

It is a well known fact that when you write "lol" with 1337-language, it is written "101". In binary, this is the same as the decimal number 5. This means that "lol!" = 5! From math we all(?) know that 5! = 120. Therefore: 120 = lol!
But enough gibberish. This world has 1 reject when using the seed 120
There is volcano in a forest with a river nearby, and an aquifier for challenge! To find it, its the 5th tile from the left, 4th tile from the bottom on the world map when choosing a site. Also check out two tiles to the right of this (still on the world map), and you will find a volcanic island! :D Searching around you will also find major rivers. In other words, a quick cool seed. Enjoy

Seed 941486140: Zero rejects[edit]

(N)ot only is it ZERO REJECTED, but its got several island volcanoes. (O)ne of them has a caldera by the coast with a cliff overhanging it, and an aquifer which (I) THINK has fresh water in it(...) (S)everal spots have magma and steep cliffs and trees and rivers. Lots of the goblin forts are in neat locations.


Seed 71551: Another quickie[edit]

5 Rejects.

29 squares left and 11 squares up from the lower left corner is a mirthful glacier with a volcano and dolomite. Potential STEEL GLACIER!


Seed Toady One[edit]

Converting Toady One to numbers gives you 2015142505, assuming the space is a 0. The seed results in 3 rejects and "the Momentous Universes of Vision" A good world with lots of great rivers.

Seed 752741768: 1 Reject, DF v0.27.169.33d[edit]

Created in DF v0.27.169.33d.


Seed 33d.jpgSee magma 2.jpg

Seeds and maps with many features (May run slower on older computers)[edit]

Seed 2577317804: Volcano Amidst a Thick Forest[edit]

VeryInky of the #bay12games IRC channel has discovered that generator seed 2577317804 guarantees a decent sized magma vent, which apparently flows downward to the core of the planet itself. And luckily, it's surrounded by a scenic forest housing deadly creatures.


The square above this scenic forest with a magma vent, contains also a mamgma vent, a large amount of mountain, but also a forgotten ruin.

Seed 2268220040: 3 Volcanic Islands, With at Least 10 Other Random Land Based Volcanoes[edit]

This world contains over 10 volcanoes, most of them in reasonable positions, some in Forests, some in in mountains, some that are right next to mountains and forests, and others in less convenient places. However, the real gems are the 3 volcanic islands. Some screens of the volcanic islands even contain both ocean tiles volcanic vent on the same local map.

Ever wanted that volcanic AND secret island lair? This is the world for you.


Seed 3089130238: Isolated feature-rich mountain[edit]

Neighbours: dwarves.

Features: 2 chasms (snowflake formation and dryed magma tube), magma tube, cave river and deep pits.

Dominant stone type: obsidian, gabbro and granite.

Common stone types: microcline, olivine, orthoclase.

Sand type: yellow sand near magma-tube.

Minerals: mountain is rich in copper and silver ores as well as clusters of gemstones; it lacks, however, steel-producing minerals.

Climate: untamed wilds mountain surrounded by joyfull tropical broadleaf forests, where both highwood and featherwood grow. Unicorns were seen roaming there.

FPS-saving: Downmost row on the map-rectangle contains only snowflake-chasm. Leftmost column contains the aforementioned chasm and a part of the forest.


Seed 3706678589: The Domain of Dragons...?[edit]

Horrible Descriptions of Vagueness: Near the southern dwarven civilization, there are volcanos right near warm forests, and a little hunting can find you a minimum-size area containing a magma vent, a river, heavy forest, and sand. Which would be ideal if not for the fact that this is a Tropical Moist Broadleaf Forest we're talking about, which, if the forum is to be believed, contains some of the most terrifying creatures ever to walk any of the worlds. --Alfador 00:01, 1 November 2007 (EDT)

Seed 3416680544: The World of Griffons[edit]

Seed:3416680544 Rejections: 43 Name: The World of Griffons F1 Biome, Mountain: Felsite, Diorite, Gabbro F2 Biome, Taiga: Sand, Black sand, Siltstone, Gabbro, Gabbro F3 Biome, Taiga: Sand, Marble, Gneiss, Gabbro F4 Biome, Temperate Conifer Forest: Sand, Black Sand, Siltstone, Gabbro, Gabbro F5 Biome, Taiga: Loam, Basalt, Schist, Diorite F6 Biome, Temperate Conifer Forest: Silt loam, Felsite, Diorite, Gabbro This looks like a pretty nice, but possibly difficult area to settle (for me). It's got a chasm, river, and magma. To start it has some Aluminum and Native gold, as well as a few clusters of gems exposed right along the chasm. Hope the chasm dwelling critters aren't too much of a problem. There's flux, and early magnetite(I think), so you've probably got no issue for steel, either. It will not be hard to find this spot on the map, since it is basically where the cursor starts to begin with, I simply sized it up to get the maximum amount of biomes, feel free to shrink or grow it as you wish. All biomes are Freezing Wilderness surroundings. Here's a pic for good measure. Griffonmap.png

Seed 1149670256[edit]

Pretty funny oddity while I was making new world map, there's two 'volcano mountains' next to each other And in the tile just south of the left most volacno there's both chams and volcano quite close to each other, just dig nice hole in between and you have one chasmfull of dead people, hehe Both of them seem pretty hostile though... To get to the location, just pick regular size zone so that you can reach the red ~ (volcano) icon and two or three rows below it and same amount to left. Then you have both Didn't check the other volcano sites though, but the one I checked was ~21 levels deep of volcano and same for chasm...

Seed 1621458352[edit]

Most notable here: a free-standing good-aligned volcano in the woods with a magma vent, a magma lake, a chasm and a water lake all within a small area. For good measure there's a Kobold city on the other side of the mountain, as well as a cave river and chasm-pit somewhere... To top it off it also has adamantine, though it might be hard to get all the features in one fortress.

To find it, look in the top left corner for a lone volcano in a pine forest.

The same world has an evil-aligned volcano in a good-aligned shrubland... I didn't explore the features in that one, as it's so large z-wise it hurts my computer, but it has the brook and vent really close together. (...) The world also has at least one site where good and evil vegetated areas meet by a mountain, allowing you to have every type of shurb and every type of tree... except highwood...

It also has an absolutely huge named peak sticking out of a good-aligned forest, as well as a nice volcano sticking out of a good-aligned forest...


Seed 4265985437: A little bit of everything[edit]

This map has just about anything you could ask for, all in a neat 4x5 area. The low cliffs and small area make for good fps. It was first mentioned on the forums by Paul. Note that it was generated on windows XP, and may be different on another OS. The only thing it lacks is sand, however if you don't mind changing a raw file you can edit kimberlite to form in a cluster instead of a vein and can get sand. This makes kimberlite actually appear, which apparently mixes up the entire mineral chart of generated worlds. With this change in place, the exact same location pictured in the image has an area with basalt and 2 layers of gabbro on the lower section, chalk gneiss and diorite on the upper section, and black sand/dolomite/granite/diorite on the rightmost square with sparse trees. All the other features remain intact.


1. Small cave river with waterfall source falling into chasm tiles.

2. Underground magma chamber, unrevealed at first but close to surface.

3. A fair sized chasm in one corner.

4. Adamantine + pits deep below. Dwarves beware.

5. Excellent minerals, sedimentary limestone and various other base rocks are a source for abundant magnetite with large platinum veins and varied precious metals and gems.

6. Outdoor trees. Not overly abundant but enough for most purposes.

7. River running through the area that doesn't freeze (warm climate).

8. Underground soil present at the start location, providing plenty of immediate farming and storage.

The region is home to thriving goat population, along with occasional visits from hoary marmots and rhesus macaques. A lone giant eagle can usually be seen soaring overhead, ready to devour your hapless dwarves and livestock.

Note that this seed does have 51 rejects, but these are all quickly rejected so the creation time isn't too bad.


Seed 957776166: 11 Volcanos[edit]

What's special? Well at least 11 volcanos are dotting the lower half, 2 of which are islands. Should be something for everybody maybe, haven't checked it all out. (Except all you glacier folk.)


Edit: Ok, checked this world out a bit more and so far: 2 volcanic islands in the lower left, at least 2 volcanic mountains to be played directly on, at least 2, possibly 4 aquifer volcanoes on right, 2 sets of volcanic twins along lower right mountain range, top set is rich with obsidian starting areas.

On a sad note, still nothing special spotted in the north (cold), and I believe all these areas are alignment neutral. (Although there are good and evil ranges in the world.)

Well, enjoy.

-Funkadelic Jive Turkey

Seed 891230954: Resource heaven[edit]

Fairly quick seed (12 rejects). Quite by accident I stumbled across a sweet little gem of a starting location, although you have to use a fairly large play area to get the full benefit of it. Includes a magma vent with an excellent mineral selection, including magnetite, bituminous coal, and marble (usable as a flux). Can anyone say "steel production"? The upper left-hand corner has white sand for glass production, if you're willing to play with a 5x5 or 6x6 area to stretch from the sand to the magma vent. The sand area also has an aquifer if you want one, but the rest of the map is dry so you have ample stone at your disposal, and the entire map is heavily forested. Reasonably flat map, plenty of ponds. Nothing horribly exciting here, just tons and tons of resources.

Df 891230954.PNG

Seed 1010101010: 4 Volcano Cluster[edit]

This map contains a cluster of 4 volcanos, unfortunately, you can only access two of them in Dwarf Fortress mode and may be in dangerous territories. There's also a few other volcanoes and possibly a few lava vents as well.


Seed 593046736: Grand Canyon + Giant Caldera + all of Paul's & More![edit]

Note: The non-random name "The World of Pagan" must be used in order for this seed to generate properly!

Note: Tested with v0.31.10 - seed no longer produces the same region.

This was the very first world I generated, with my first fort being at the isolated mountain cluster on the west side, right by the goblin fortress there. However, when I started searching for a site with HIDDEN_FUN_STUFF, I stumbled on a location that has everything Paul's seed gives plus a whole lot more. In the far southwest of the world is a volcano near the dwarven civilization. This volcano is on the northeast side of the southwest mountains, and the tile with the good stuff is one region square northeast of there (non-descript on the surface). CAVEAT: to fit all the good stuff, you need a local area 9 squares wide and 10 squares tall, starting from the northeast corner. The outdoor river is the feature you lose by trimming the bottom (but you don't lose the second cave river), and if you trim from the right, you lose the giant caldera (but not the magma tube). You could probably get as small as 6x6 and still get everything but the caldera and outdoor river.

1. quick to generate -- only 4 rejects

2. a massive mountain peak, with 79 levels of vertical between the top and bottom levels!!!!

3. a giant volcano caldera to the northeast, plunging for dozens of levels

4. a crazy spidery chasm with literally dozens of side caves and all sorts of critters

5. a secret underground river with two waterfalls one that goes into a private chasm

6. a giant grand canyon to the south with a surface river that has a huge multi-level waterfall

7. an underground magma chamber that goes to the bottom

8. eerie glowing pits, complete with bizarre multi-level dungeon and torture room

9. a small selection of trees and shrubs

10. adamantine, iron, gold, platinum, copper, galore!

11. batmen, troglodytes, giant cave swallows, cave spiders, iron men, fire imps, kobolds, magma men, and more!

12. trade with all civs (human, dwarf, elf)

13. freezing cold 11 of 12 months of the year -- water only melts in early summer and freezes again by midsummer!!!


Seed 7185120: Snow-Encrusted[edit]

126 Rejections (and still under 15 minutes on my 1.6 GHz laptop).

This map has snow and ice, and lots of it. The world map looks almost completely frozen, only the bottom 3rd of the export map has significant quantities of non-snow area--which looks to be mostly desert and dry areas.

Haven't looked at the map in detail, might not be worth playing, but it was amusing.

Seed 3614285250: Steel, Glass, Obsidian, Platinum, and a cave river for good measure[edit]

Steel in the form of plentiful magnetite marble and coal, obsidian for rock crafts and swords, glass in the form of black sand, and a couple largish veins of platinum near the cliff face to the west. The biggest downside is that it has 113 rejections, and no pit either. Otherwise it would be just about the perfect fortress in 4x5. It's even got some nice cliff faces for the traditionalist. The cave river starts at the bottom of the map and it goes straight down (off the map), but it's a source of infinite water and cave plants nonetheless.

Steelglass fortress.png

Seed 2967067655: An interesting site with a lot to offer[edit]

It's too bad everything isn't more compact, but it's still possible to make several interesting fortresses out of one location. The local area includes a river, cave river, cave lake, magma pipe, chasm, pit, demon pit, sand, and trees in a calm/serene area. Black sand also lines the river even though you can't see it here, and the site has enormous amounts of magnetite and flux stone for steel, but unfortunately lacks coke producing materials.

The area I have selected here has everything except the trees, serene area, chasm (it still includes a large pit type chasm), and cave river.


If this were extended a little to the right it would reach the chasm, and a little to the left would reach the cave river. Another interesting way to use the site would be to select the magma vent and the top part of the map, which would include the trees and serene area, but cut off the demon and chasm pits.


Seed 1988: Two pools of magma, chasm, river and demon pits relatively near to the surface[edit]

On the 8th tile down from the top and 2nd right from left on the world view there is a volcano surrounded by mountains. The tile northeast of the main volcano contains the magma vent, river and a chasm between them. There also is a second magma pool on the same side with the river. Small traces of adamantite can be found relatively near the surface, but if you go deeper you will find demon pits. The site, however, is rich only in copper apart from the adamantite.


Volcano + Vent surveys[edit]

List of every volcano visible on the world map, with notes about biomes, water supplies, and other influences on site selection; every vent within 2-4 squares of visible volcanoes; and other sites I've stumbled across on these maps.

Seed 92003: Respectable site, probably comparable to Paul's[edit]

Volcano, flux, good minerals, all civs, sand and trees to the east. No outdoor river, but cave river, lake, pits, chasm. Can be shrunk to 5x5, maybe less, keeping the volcano in the SE corner to retain the best internal features (I'll be vague about which those are to not hint too much about where everything is located).

Generated under Windows NT, not sure if that'll produce a different layout for other OSes.

Still looking for a compact site with all the above goodies plus... skeletal elephants. The northernmost volcano of seed 92001 has almost all that, but is missing flux. Waaaah.

Seed 92003.png

Seed 2536495025: Another respectable site[edit]

On the world map, 9th column from the right, 3rd row from the top.

Right on the volcano square.

6x4 area at the bottom of the local map gives running surface water, sand, iron ore, flux, abundant hunting grounds and wild plants, but a slight wood shortage, and no coke, lignite, or tin (I happen to have a thing for Bronze.)

Seed 473220798 - A quirky one[edit]

The parameter title, not name, was "SEED" and it was on Windows XP A world with fairly interesting geography. There are 4 large rivers, various sized oceans, and a few magma pockets here and there. In the south there is very long river that is in a freezing climate so it can start frozen over and has a few magma pockets along it, in case you are feeling adventurous.

Seed 1205746126, Waterfall, Magma, Trees, Chalk, Sand, Minerals[edit]

Need to select random name, which turns out to be "Sil Num", created with version 33a or 33b. Unfortunately it takes a *long* time because of 266 rejects !

Nice starting site with nearly everything. Of particular note is the 9 level high waterfall in the SE corner of the selected region.


Seed 1639366901, A location with practically everything[edit]

46 rejects.

This seed was the first I created, it has several volcano vents, but one in particular is just fantastic. I can't remember the exact location, but a survey of all the volcano vents will eventually locate it.

(The starting location shown here is 7 up from the bottom, 7 in from the right on the world map, on a superscript 'n' -- Hapes)


Sand Types: White and Red Ore: Iron, Aluminum and Adamantite... plus a lot more Traders: Dwarves, Elves, Humans On-Map opposition: Kobolds, Antmen, troglodytes, giant spiders. magmamen and more.

Major Geographic features:

1) The river runs through a canyon, the northern half runs through a red sand basin, the bottom through lush forest.

2) The canyon walls are sheer faces... there is no way to walk out of the river bed into the upper hills!

3) The east bank has the magma, and white sand on the upper tiers to the north, and forests to the south. Be warned, magma channelers: There's a cave river directly below the eastern canyon cliff face. I lost a game by hitting that and overflowing. :/

4) The west bank has a bottomless chasm, and tons of kobolds, trogs, antmen, giant spiders and probably more. And is scattered with loot! It appears the kobolds have been ambushing caravans for a while.... can you stop them?

5) Torture chamber, underground river... so actually, it does have everything.

Also: The kobolds will actually ambush a caravan or two if you are lucky!

And on and on.

Seed 1912015873: Mirthful Mountains[edit]

This produces about 52 rejects, but some of them do a lot of thinking.

In the middle of the map is a huge range of mirthful mountains.

Whatever you'd want them for.

Seed 2937366080: Palin's Epic Seed[edit]

Taken from: Bay 12 Forums Thread

8 quick rejects.

Generate with a random name.


Water Source, Iron, Limestone, Magma, Wood, Black Sand, Pit, Chasm, Massive amounts of gold and tetrahedrite, Considerable quantities of silver, platinum and gemstones, 20 layers of stone, Contact with all races.

If you extend the area selection upwards by one, you can also find a natural waterfall that falls five levels or so, and if you extend the area selection downwards a few squares there's an underground river.


Seed 3508182976: VonGuard's seed[edit]

Has at least one place where you get an aquifer-free volcano with nearby water, sand, trees, etc.

Seed 3273382988: Terrifying, Lava, Chasm, Cave River, Cave Lake, Iron (Magnetite), Mineral Rich[edit]


[TITLE:STANDARD] [SEED:3273382988]

40 or so rejects.

This is 90% the way to the seed of destiny that I've been looking for. What is missing:

- Sand - Adamantium (It's there, but in the opposite corner as everything else) - Flux

There is some flexibility in how you set up the fortress. The image above is what I'm using right now, but you can go in different directions and capture different features and mineral quantities.


World: 6 right, 2 down Region: 8 right 8 down

Seed 2401237437: Sand, Mountains, Magma, Chasms, Small Aquifer Area, Zombie Camels[edit]

[TITLE:STANDARD] [SEED:2401237437] 77 Rejects


Clean white sand and an aquifer to the east, mountains to the west. There are two chasms, a caldera to the west of the magma tube, a spiderweb one to the north. There are some zombified camels running around and assorted chasm dwellers. Minerals are average, not very good for steel.

Seed 19860728: Magma, River, Aboveground "Cave Lake"[edit]

Found by Lord Dullard on the Bay 12 Games forum.

Just thought I'd share this, as it's the coolest map I've seen generated yet. Of significant interest are the magma vent, the river (and its source), the *really* neat 'amphitheater' cave lake, and visible deposits of platinum/gold/hematite/aluminum/et cetera. There's a lot of stuff of note on the other Z-levels as well, including a fourteen or fifteen-level drop from the cliffs to the south.

The cave lake is actually exposed to the surface (an entryway about 15 tiles wide leading directly to the surface, but roofed in by stone to keep the "cave lake" designation, and goes quite deep.



Seed: 20717035[edit]


biome 1: Rhyolite:Granite:Gabbro

Biome 2: Chalk:Granite:Diorite\

Biome 3: Sandy loom: Rhyolite:Granite:Gabbro Trees: Scarce Other Veg. Scarce

Biome 4: Black Sand (Aquifer):Sandstone (Aquifer): Diorite:Granite Trees: Scarce (they are not kidding!), Other Veg. Scarce

Contact - everyone

  • Adamantite in the bottom left quadrant.
  • Bauxite
  • Flux
  • Sand
  • A few trees
  • 2 lava pits (visible at start)
  • One cave
  • One gargantuan chasm
  • One long cave river
  • Several pages of monsters after chasm and river discovered
  • No surface river
  • Top 198, bottom 134

The Chasm and cave can easily be found after starting by looking for clues during game play (not cheating by using the stock menu.)

If you extend the area upward 2 rows you will get the full chasm.

Recommended small playing area: (have not verified that this still gives lava and part of the chasm) 6 wide and 8 high starting from the bottom left. You will loose 1 lava pit and the cave river as well as sections of the chasm. Cut in 2 columns from the left to give a 4 wide and 8 high section with very few trees.


full info at SEED 196405198

0 rejects

10 locations pointed out with magma, flux, sand, water, magnetite(in sedementary layers), and trees(well, 1 location lacks sand)


Quick generating seeds[edit]

Chicken Seed: #389311515[edit]


Only one reject. The location shown above has some magma right next to a brook... Lots of trees and plants, and plenty of sand. If you don't feel like you need the hills to the south, you can shrink the area a bit, there's nothing much else down that way.

Seeds and locations with many features (may run slower on older computers)[edit]

Seed # 1999 "Prince's Revolutionary Party" seed[edit]

33g seed 1999.png

4x6 map (39 rejects) Features:

  • brook
  • extensive cliffs
  • magma lake surrounded by a lot of obsidian
  • adamantium & pits with some bauxite to the east
  • small chasm
  • forested tiles
  • hematite (not a lot. Major steel production will require narrow iron shipments)
  • flux (some marble, a lot of chalk)
  • sand
  • soil
  • underground river with a waterfall into a mini-chasm
  • abundant copper, a good bit of silver/gold, and some platinum/aluminum
  • temperate climate
  • access to all civs
  • rock crystals are on the map but scarce, so consider trading for fey mood use.

Thanks to 0x517A5D for his Regional Prospector utility.
Troas 10:55, 28 January 2008 (EST)

Seed # 264622237[edit]

This seed has 1 decent starting location, with the posibility of war with the local Kobolds, and one really good one with a cave and a cyclops and 12 giant spiders.

Volcano 1:

V 33g Seed 264622237 Volcano 1.png

This location has Magma in the top middle, pits in the bottom middle (sometimes gets cut off, extend down one if it does it to you), chasm in the lower left, and iron + flux all over.

This map contains no flowing water in spite of the river shown. It does not exist, I checked. Your best bet would be to use the infinate water bug to create a lake, and keep control of it with a floodgate.

There is also no sand at all. Sorry folks, you gotta import glass.

Finally, there are no trees. For some bizarre reason, when I loaded the whole map, every last tile, it had trees everywhere, but if I cut anything off, the trees vanished. Your results may vary as this is odd IMO.

Volcano 2:

V 33g Seed 264622237 Volcano 2.png

Now this location is nice. It's kinda cold, so bring a jacket.

You have unguarded magma in the upper left corner. Go for it as soon as you can make steel.

Lower-middle right you will have the caves. Many enemies there. Careful though, they are just a warm up! Directly below you have a pit and adamantine. Also, the majority of the iron is around the caves, so you will have to fight for it.

Just to the left of the caves, a level or 2 above the pits is an underground lake. It's not infinate, but it should last you, plus there are many lakes around, and when they freeze, they refill. You shouldn't be hurting for water for a while.

There is sand scattered around all over. If that wasn't enough with the magma, there is more sand on the shore of the underground lake. Can we say dwarven catapults throwing stones from glass houses? Heh heh heh.

Lots of farmable soil, but no indigenous plants to speak of. Build a shack and farm indoors early on till you can get other kinds of seeds.

Flux? Nope. Sorry. Import what you can, bring steel if you can. Wood? Ain't got that either. Get your magma smelter and glass furnace up fast so you can start producing trade goods. Without them you won't be able to import the wood you need for coal and flux for steel. Iron supplies as I said are mostly guarded by the Cyclops and crew as well. This could be a challenge for you, but there is plenty of copper and cassiterite to go around, import some tin, and combine it with some bismuth and you can have a cheap bronze as well.

All in all, I like the second one better of the 2. Both have nice features, but are missing key items. This was generated in .33g, and it seems that seeds were broken again. Hopefully more people come out with their seeds soon :) --Chthon 19:46, 23 December 2007 (EST)

Seed #223885 - Pretty much what I have been waiting for[edit]


In a 5x8 area you can get chasm, magma, adamantite, cave lake, brook, flux, sedimentary layer, sand and trees. Alternatively you could fit all the above except cave lake to only 5x2. The selection in the picture was chosen to have more chalk in the area.

--Elmokki 07:41, 25 December 2007 (EST)

The Realm of Forever Start Seed #3094533934[edit]

The Realm of Forever Start 3094533934.png

Ok, I cheated and used Sekret Projekt but hey! Look what I found!

River: Check

Magma: Well damn, someone just pointed out to me that the ~ was blue not red. I hadn't noticed. No magma here unfortunately :(

Iron: Lots of magnetite, check

Flux: Check and double check

Sand: Aww, none here

Adamantine and Pits: They're here too, check

Chasm: There's the end of one far to the east, so check.

Coal: Well, we have lignite, lots of lignite. Does that count? Check.

Trees: The whole SE is covered in them, check.

Can't get much better than this guys. Oh yeah, there was a Giant Cave Swallowman, about 10 Troglodites, 8 Naked Mole Dogs, and a giant mole just south of where I started. I'd get traps up stat if I were you.

Nothing else follows. --Chthon 11:30, 25 December 2007 (EST)

The Cyclopean Planet of Tempests Seed #697480228[edit]

The Cyclopean Planet of Tempests 697480228 Start.png

Ok, I swear this one is good. I double checked it even.

River: Nothing at all above ground, seek the cave river (not shown, center of the map with a chasm at the north end under the magma) or the Cave lake at the far north

Magma: Just south of the cave lake, at the same Z-level even.

Adamantine: Lots of it. The upper parts are very shallow in the south, but you have at least 5 Z-levels before you uncover the pits. I estimate about 50 tiles of easily minable Adamantine ore before you release the demons.

Flux: Lots of Marble. I mean lots. If you are in marble in the south, you are near the adamantine.

Iron: No magnetite, but quite a few hematite veins higher up. Don't dig too deep or you will miss them.

Chasm: One at the end of the cave river, but that's it.

Sand: Still no sand. For all you glass lovers; Sorry, keep looking.

Coal: None, sorry but burnables are lacking on this map. Import what you need for iron. It's cheap anyways.

Trees: A few. Seriously, it's not a lot, but it'll keep you going.

Hunting: If you want to train up some crossbowmen and at the same time find food, this area is home to Hoary Marmots. Eat up!

Final notes: This has a more traditional cliff face look to it. It faces south with the high ground on the north. It's narrow, but I like it. All the major features but the pits are towards the middle Z-levels, so be careful you don't dig in from the bottom.

--Chthon 13:18, 25 December 2007 (EST)

Just another seed, I thought wold be nice (1291184248, v.33g)[edit]


About features:

  • brook
  • magma pipe
  • adamantium (near lower left)
  • chasm (two of them, actually)
  • heavy forested tiles
  • hematite (a lot of it)
  • magnetite (at least one big cluster)
  • bituminous coal (not that much as hematite, but still)
  • flux (marble, lower right)
  • sand (alongside brook, not much)
  • bauxite (level 144, to left of magma)
  • warm climate
  • most dangerous animals - wolves
  • access to all civs

Starting in the F2 biome will give you almost ideal starting position near the cliff wall, surrounded by trees, with a couple of nearby pools for your fish lovers (turtles, yay!).

A tiny but interesting location. Seed 1[edit]

0x517A5D seed1 3x2 hard.PNG

The aquifer does not cover the whole map; the haunted area doesn't either.
I, of course, use my Regional Prospector utility.
0x517A5D 15:15, 30 December 2007 (EST)

Doubleplusgood Seed #3480279584[edit]


This is a rather cozy 5x4 area, it has all the basics, except for sand and surface river.

  • A ridiculous amount of adamantite (at least 3 levels of demon-free ore for a total of 215 units, 3 more levels with stairs (looks cool) away from the pits with probably at least twice that amount - i counted nearly 150 in a single level, and it got denser further down... the stairs connected to the pits themselves which don't have that much adamantite, maybe a hundred more or so. That's a lot!
  • Magma pocket thingy (underground, doesn't extend all the way to the bottom either. about 4 levels high)
  • Underground river
  • A big cave lake (exposed)
  • Some magnetite (single level, only one of 'em big round glob cluster things)
  • Plenty of vegetation
  • Round chasm
  • Many ores, like copper and gold
  • Tons (and I mean TONS) of limestone. Literally half the map.
  • Tons of obsidian if you care about that. Literally, the other half of the map.
  • If you need charcoal just burn the damn trees.

It's possible that you can find more iron ore if you extend the map to the east, north and or/south.Sergius 00:13, 5 January 2008 (EST)

Jackpot Seed: #7777777[edit]

6 rejects, made on Vista with version 33g.


Very nice location with damn near everything in an average-size region.

  • Sand: In the bottom-left swamp area, also some at the top-middle.
  • Trees & Plants: Yes.
  • Flux: Some limestone up at the top-middle. Extend north to get more.
  • Iron Ore: Should be a big splotch of magnetite up in the limestone.
  • River: Above and below ground.
  • Adamantine: Yes.
  • Chasm: Yes.
  • Magma: Yes; only four layers, though.
  • Rock: All four types.
  • Neighboring Civs: All four.

Only thing it doesn't have is a cave lake. If it's too big, you can remove the right column for no adamantine, the bottom row for no magma, the left column for less trees, or the top row for less/very little flux... I'd reccommend zilching the left column, there's a few trees up in the Flux biome.--Untelligent 15:17, 6 January 2008 (EST)

Near-Perfect Seed?[edit]


120 rejects, made on XP with 33g.


This location can be extended another row to the North to greatly increase the number of trees.

  • Trees & Plants: Heavily forested, thick shrubs
  • Flux: Unknown
  • Ore: All but platinum
  • Water: Brook, underground lake + river, lake is exposed
  • Adamantine: Yes
  • Chasm: Yes
  • Magma: Yes, exposed
  • Neighboring Civs: Unknown, believed to be all

Everything Seed 3x8 or 2x8 (1437770750)[edit]

1437770750 3x8.jpg

This location has everything located in a 3x8 or a 2x8 if you remove the brook. It has lava, demons, an underground river, lots of flux & magnetite, bauxite, lots of sand, trees, plants & ogres. It also has a medium-sized 3-ZLevel aquifer in the middle of the map. The river seems to be frozen during winter time and it does not have very steep cliffs (only 5 ZLevels from the highest point). (found with 0x517A5D's wonderful Regional Prospector w/ lava in the region map) --Polpoint 00:31, 20 January 2008 (EST)

Other Interesting Locations[edit]

Secluded Mesa[edit]

Seed: 3141592653
Although having no other resources to speak of, this map has a unique, natural barrier formed by deep canyons with flowing water. An extremely defensive fort, with a large area useful for above-ground farming and woodcutting without disturbance from outsiders. Good for those who hate sieges.

In addition, this location features a large amount of naturally-occurring fuels as well as at least one enormous deposit of magnetite, which lies on the mainland, southwest of the atoll on level -3.
16:48, 3 February 2008 (EST) InquisitorSaturn (talk | contribs)