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Embark profile repository

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To use one of these embark profiles, copy the text in the green box (starting with [PROFILE]) and paste it at the end of embark_profiles.txt. Note: that file won't exist unless you've previously saved a profile in the game; if it doesn't, you can just create an empty file with that name in data/prefs/ and paste into that.


Or about as close as you can get with embark profiles.

For comparison with other profiles or for players who want the usual vanilla settings, but would also like to get a warning when something important like plump helmets or pig tails aren't available. These give you an even amount of all 4 types of dwarven alcohol (but still a total of 60). Dwarves will appreciate the variety, and it makes it easier to add more if some varieties aren't available. If you get the "no iron anvil available" warning, then "tab" over to the items menu, press "n" to add a new item to the manifest, use the arrow keys to navigate to the "anvil" category, and select the Steel anvil for the full vanilla experience.

PLAY NOW![edit]

Prepare for the journey carefully[edit]

The same as the "Play Now!" embark, but without any skills assigned to the dwarves and without the cat and dog pets added.


DF2014 Disciplined Embark Profiles r3 (clinodev)[edit]

From http://pastebin.com/FRT4hpkJ



All miners[edit]


PeridexisErrant's Dwarf Fortress Starter Pack (0.40.11 r2)[edit]