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This article is about the current version of DF.

Stray is a designation assigned to domesticated animals that have not been granted a name. All creatures that can be tamed can theoretically be domesticated, though it may take several generations to accomplish, depending on the skill of your animal trainer and the knowledge of your civilization. Unlike tamed creatures, domesticated animals do not require constant training and will never revert to wild status.

Stray animals may be marked available for adoption; dwarves may then choose these creatures for pets. Any creature so chosen will be given a name by the adopting dwarf, and will no longer identified as "stray". Stray animals that perform heroic actions (such as striking down a titan) may also receive a name, ending their identification as strays.

Stray animals can be freely assigned to cages and butchered, unlike pets, making them valuable to a meat industry. Stray animals may also be used as an early-warning system / rudimentary defense for your fortress.


  • A stray animal marked as available for adoption may be buried as though it were a pet.
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