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This article is about an older version of DF.

Exports are the goods your dwarves trade to the outside world via caravan trade, in exchange for the goods offered by the caravans. Any object your dwarves have (except legendary artifacts) can be traded, but it is obviously sensible to trade out useless, inferior, or surplus items, like crafts or captured clothes your dwarves can't wear.

The total value of exported wealth can be seen on the status screen, if your broker is at least a novice appraiser. Only objects that your dwarves have made (or decorated*) themselves count toward EW. Trading away goblin clothing and armor, or items previously acquired from caravans does not count toward EW*. Exporting a large value of goods is believed to attract larger caravans in future. The exported wealth of a current trade session is added to the value in the status window as soon as the caravan has left the screen.

(Processing items that were not made in the fortress, such as decorating or cooking, causes them to be considered as "made locally".)

Dwarven and Human caravans are accompanied by a trade liaison or guild representative. The liaison will meet with your broker or leader to negotiate a trade agreement. When the caravan returns the following year, they will pay a higher price for the goods they requested (as well as charge you a higher price for the goods you requested).

Nobles can issue mandates banning a certain good from export.