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This article is about an older version of DF.

The version number identifies each Dwarf Fortress release. Tarn Adams assigns it when he publishes a release. Version numbers are composed of four numbers and a letter. Each component has its own meaning:

  1. The first number is how many hundreds of core components have been completed. Since there are only 100, this will only reach 1 when they are all completed.
  2. The second number is how many of the 100 core components have been completed.
  3. The third number is how many of the 589 required components have been completed.
  4. The fourth number is how many of the 383 bloat components have been completed.
  5. The adjacent letter is increased by one alphabetically for each bug-fix release of a version.


0 . 23 . 130 . 23 a
Fewer than 100 core components complete
23 core components completed
130 required components completed
23 bloat components completed
First release of this version

Version 1[edit]

Dwarf Fortress is currently in an alpha development stage. There are still basic game features missing. The following goals need to be completed before alpha and beta are complete and version 1 will be released:

  • In fortress mode, the fortress needs to be able to grow into a capital that can interact with the outside world in various ways, including trade, diplomacy and war.
  • In adventurer mode, the adventurer needs to be able to interact with all elements added.
  • The core and required components need to be implemented.

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