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23a:Trap component token

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This article is about an older version of DF.

For use on trap components.

Token Arguments Description
NAME singular:plural What this item will be called ingame.
ADJECTIVE adjective Appears before the name of the weapon's material. Eg. "enormous steel corkscrew"
[DAMAGE:<damage amount>:<damage type>] dmg amount - value

dmg type - (slash, burn, etc.)

Sets the amount and the type of Damage
STICK_CHANCE value The chance of a weapon sticking in a target.
WEIGHT value How much an item weighs.
HITS value Number of times it hits.
CRIT_BOOST: value Increases the chance of a weapon piercing internal organs.
MATERIAL_SIZE: value Intended to specify the number of bars needed to construct this trap component, divided by 3. Is not actually used - all trap components require 2 bars of metal.