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23a:Trap component

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This article is about an older version of DF.

Any weapon in Fortress Mode can be placed into a weapon trap. However, there are four trap components, or trap weapons, that are specifically for weapons traps. As with any weapon, any number of these can be put in a single weapon trap, creating a true "Indiana Jones" type of threat to any beast of any size, and potentially simply making a fine mince (or paste, depending on the weapons) of lesser creatures. In the order they appear on the various menus, they are the large, serrated disc, the spiked ball, the enormous corkscrew, and the giant axe blade.

In Adventure Mode, these trap components can actually be wielded in combat; in Fortress Mode, their only meaningful use is in your mechanics' contraptions.

All trap component weapons can be made out of copper, bronze, iron, or steel by a weaponsmith, with appropriate material modifiers for damage.

Due to a bug, all trap components require 2 bars to construct, regardless of their specified MATERIAL_SIZE. The following patch for version fixes this:

The 4 trap weapons[edit]

Large, serrated disc[edit]

A large, serrated disc deals large amounts of slashing damage, and have a tendency to sever their victims' limbs. While amusing, this can create several hauling tasks for dwarves as they have to move each severed body part to a butcher's shop or refuse pile. While large serrated discs do less damage than trap components like the giant axe blade, they attack three times, giving this trap weapon the highest potential damage of any weapon that can be mounted in a trap.

Spiked ball[edit]

While the spiked ball deals the least damage per strike of any trap weapon, it strikes three times, giving it the second highest potential damage of any trap component, almost as much as the legendary large, serrated disc. Despite the slightly lower damage threshold, the critical boost possessed by the spiked ball may make it more effective than the disc against enemies with internal organs.

Enormous corkscrew[edit]

While the enormous corkscrew does the least total damage of any trap component, it has the highest critical boost, giving it a very high chance of instantly destroying its targets' vital organs (~if~ they have any), resulting in an instant kill.

Giant axe blade[edit]

Like the large, serrated disc, the giant axe blade deals slashing damage - a lot. Giant axe blades deal more damage per hit than do large, serrated discs, but only strike once, compared to the disc's three attacks. Thus the large, serrated disc generally does more damage than the giant axe blade.

Data & comparison[edit]

Name Damage Damage type Number of hits Critical boost
Giant axe blade 220 Slash 1 None
Enormous corkscrew 150 Pierce 1 2
Spiked ball 100 Pierce 3 1
Large, serrated disc 120 Slash 3 None
(This data has been compiled from raw/objects/item_trapcomp.txt)

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