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This article is about an older version of DF.

The graveyard stockpile is used to store corpses and severed limbs awaiting burial. Dwarves and their pets who die will be hauled to the graveyard, other creatures are treated as garbage and will be hauled to a refuse stockpile which accepts corpses.

It is created with p-y.

To bury dwarves so that their friends and relatives don't get unhappy thoughts about being "forced to endure the decay of a loved one", first build a Coffin b-n, then build it in a location as furniture, then set it to be used for burial q-b.

You can also create a personal Tomb from a built Coffin q-r and assign it to a specific dwarf, but only before that dwarf has died. Other dwarves (such as traders and diplomats) will be buried in any coffin that accepts citizens, but not subdwarven creatures (such as humans or goblins).

In practice, a graveyard is more like a morgue. It's temporary storage for dead dwarves, while a proper coffin is being built and placed.