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This article is about an older version of DF.

Dwarves which are idle have a chance to talk to anybody who happens to be nearby. When two dwarves talk to each other, they will become acquainted, and once they talk to each other on at least 15 occasions (with at least a day or so between each talk), they will become friends and get a happy thought. Friends gain a happy thought when they talk to each other, but they also gain an unhappy thought if a friend dies (and an additional one if said friend is not buried in time), which can lead to fortress-wide morale problems after a death or series of deaths.

Unlike in later versions, there is no way to view a dwarf's list of friends.

Dwarves occasionally throw parties and invite their friends, and this can cause further friendships to develop between the various guests (and anybody else who happens to be at the party's location).

If two dwarves do not speak to one another for an entire year, they will cease to be friends with each other.