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23a:Building destroyer

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This article is about an older version of DF.

Creatures with the BUILDINGDESTROYER token will actively seek out various furnishings and workshops and happily un-construct them, leaving the raw materials lying nearby. They come in two varieties, the first being definitely annoying, and the second distinctly dangerous.

A creature can have this token at value 1 or value 2, and this can be seen in the "creature object data" (listed with every creature article).

When the value is 1, the creature will go after statues, windows, archery targets, and wooden doors only.

When the value is 2, the creature will destroy almost any* building that blocks its path. Megabeasts and demons rely on this token for their pathing when attacking your fort.

(* Value 2 includes everything but wells, bridges, aqueducts, roads, channels, traps/levers, animal traps, chains, cages, and stockpiles)

Undead creatures will also target wooden supports, with potentially hilarious results.

The simplest way to keep building destroyer 2's from constructed targets is with a moat.

Tame animals still carry their building destroyer tokens.[Verify]



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