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User:Jifodus/CMV file format

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File Format[edit]


Offset (+Hex) Type Name Information
0000 dword version Version numbers:
0x2711 - New movies
0x2710 - Old movies
0004 dword columns The number of columns.
0008 dword rows The number of rows.
000C dword delayrate Sound playback rate, in 1/100 sec per frame.


If the version is 0x2711 then this section comes right after the header.

Offset (+Hex) Type Name Information
0000 dword sounds The number of sounds in the file.
0004 char[sounds][50] sound_files The filenames of each sound that can be played during the movie. Filenames are null-terminated and padded to 50 bytes; the game itself will look for "data\sound\[filename].ogg".
* dword[200][16] sound_time Sound IDs to play during the first 200 "sound ticks" (as per the "delayrate" specified above). Up to 16 sounds can be played during each frame.


The Sounds section & Header section comes before this. The remainder of the file is made up this way.

Offset (+Hex) Type Name Information
0000 dword size The size of the following compressed data.
0004 byte[size] data Zlib's deflate compressed data, comprising no more than 200 sequential frames.

Data Format[edit]


Offset (+Hex) Type Name Information
0000 char[Header.columns * Header.rows] characters The characters making up the frame.
* attribute[Header.columns * Header.rows] attributes The color attributes of each character in the frame.

Iterate through the frame data:

 +---------> +Y

Or: Index = X * Header.rows + Y


A frame is a single byte long, the bits are layed out as:

i   - Foreground Intensity Bit
bbb - Background Color Bits
fff - Foreground Color Bits