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This article is about an older version of DF.

Skin is a tissue layer common to most creatures. Different types of creatures have different types of skin.

  • Most mundane creatures have raw hide, which displays in-game as skin. This is the only type that can be tanned into leather.
  • Insectoids creatures have Chitin.
  • Reptilian creatures and fish generally have Scales.

Skins are stored in a refuse stockpile (both fresh and rotten).

Skin uses[edit]

Raw skin can be processed at a Tanner's shop by a dwarf with the Tanning labor enabled in order to produce leather. If skins are not tanned automatically, try using your manager to manually queue "Tan a Hide" jobs. Scales and chitin cannot be tanned.


Leather is used to make low-grade armor and clothing. Leather is also used to make bags, quivers, backpacks, waterskins, clothing, shields, armor, crafts and decorations. The process of making and using leather is part of the Meat industry, rather than Clothing industry.

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