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My Dwarf Fortress File Depot file hosting site is open for public use.
As long as your file has something to do with Dwarf Fortress and is not copyrighted material (or if you have permission to redistribute it), you are welcome to host it on the site. Mods, utilities, succession games, pregenerated worlds, tilesets in BMP format, and anything else along those lines are exactly what the site is intended for.
Registration is not required to download files from the site. However, registered users can upload files as well as rate them and comment on them.


April 7, 2008:[edit]

  • Added entirely new "Rankings" page to the site. This new page will let you view the full list of files sorted by any of the following: last update, downloads per day, total downloads, rating, views, file size, or number of comments. Just click on the appropriate column header to change the sort method.

April 3, 2008:[edit]

  • Ratings were bugged and not displaying the actual correct values, and were additionally calculated incorrectly to begin with. This has been fixed, and the stars now show finer detail in increments of 0.5. Text rating is switched to being a mouseover popup text from the rating stars image.
  • Listings now track not just the total views and downloads for the listing, but also the views and downloads solely for the current version. These current version stats are reset whenever the author edits the listing and uploads a new file.
  • You will now get a pop-up message if you try to submit a listing without actually uploading a file. If it is a new listing, it will give a simple notification pop-up. If you are editing a listing, it will give an OK/Cancel pop-up letting you submit your changes without uploading a new file.
  • If you edit a listing and upload a new file for it, the listing's "last update" time will be updated. If you otherwise edit a listing without a new upload (to fix a typo or whatever), this "last update" time will not be changed.
  • "Newest file" on statistics page now points to latest update (for edited listings) rather than just the original listing date; the "Newest files" RSS feed is likewise fixed.
  • RSS feeds now give proper listing dates as well as a longer and better formatted description for each listing.
  • "Highest rated" RSS feed now only lists files which have been voted on, and now sorts secondarily by number of votes (still primarily by the actual rating, and lastly by the original listing date). For example, with two listings rated at 4.2 where one has 6 votes and the other has 10, the one with 10 votes will rank higher.
  • Due to the initial rating calculation having been completely wrong, unfortunately as a result (and due to how the rating is stored) I've had to delete all votes. My apologies, but everyone will need to vote again on any files which you had previously voted on.
    I've made a further change to how the ratings are stored which should ensure I never need to wipe the votes again for any reason.