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I've only recently gotten embroiled in Dwarf Fortress, courtesy of my brother (md5i here) and it's been eating my social life alive (but clearly I didn't have one to begin with anyways). So far, I'm very heavy on crafts in my fortress build with legendary craftsmen in bonecrafting, stonecrafting, and clothesmaking. In my current fortress, I've got 110 dwarves including the 5 useless nobles. It's gone through a few minor crises like running out of wood, running out of alcohol, and one mad artisan who suffered for lack of shells, but overall, I feel it's a success.

Amusing moments in Fortress history:

  • Three of my hunters suddenly decide that crossbows are for sissies. Real dwarves take down Muskoxen and Elk by headbutting them! While they took a long time to chase down the creature (although they were still running faster than their hunting dogs...), they're rather successful at this endeavor...

I've donated to the cause, and I'm trying to participate on this wiki. I've been unfortunately unable to register for the forums yet, but I typically don't remember this until after I'm at work, away from my email, as I am now. Maybe I'll remember tonight...

6-September-2008 update on Obzabok[edit]

Well, apparently I hit the bounds for Dwarf economy. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no gold or copper in my fortress. I had some galena, so I'm smelting for silver, and then minting the coins. The nobles are relatively easy to please, all except my mayor who keeps insisting that we make bronze goods even though I have never been able to get a caravan to bring me bronze or its components. One poor metal-crafter has already been jailed once and I suspect someone else will get jailed or, worse, hammered by the newly arrived Hammerer (although I did take the precaution of removing the Hammerer's hammer for the sake of keeping prisoners alive). We're up to 109 dwarves, with 6 artifacts (including the incredible unspectacular artifact barrel... yeah, it's worth 6000, which is probably good for a barrel). There've been 5 deaths, one due to insanity (no turtle shells), two to goblins (one hunter and two soldiers) and two to bridge-crushing from my first attempt at building defenses (oops). Current wounds include a soldier who had his entire left foot crushed (I'm not certain if it's mangled or severed, but he pretty much just lies in bed unconscious) and a guard with a pierced lung (who resolutely refuses to rest... he continues making his rounds, occasionally fainting from the pain. He's lasted a year and a half now with the red right lung and I just cannot seem to force him to rest). I've survived two sieges and I currently have outer and inner defenses (including a wall around the compound on the surface). I'm having fun despite failing to lose so far.

9-September-2008 update on Obzabok[edit]

Och... we had our third goblin siege. I thought I was ready. I thought I was prepared. Except... I hadn't actually hooked up the lever to the drawbridge like I thought I did, so the goblins came in through the non-trapped end. Furthermore, my military decided they didn't like the idea of standing behind fortifications and picking at the enemy, so instead, they did a frontal assault. *facepalm* Ultimately, I lost 4 men, including one civilian (a hunter who got caught out, also my first bookkeeper. he accounted for five goblins before they dogpiled him) and several dogs. I killed a little over 20 goblins and sent the rest packing. Ah, but it's fun to lose a little, right? *grumble*

10-September-2008 update on Obzabok[edit]

Again, my hunter is attacked. This time, it was just an ambush. I lost two dogs, but it was worth it to my hunter thrice swing his crossbow and send a goblin flying several squares in an explosion of blood and gore. I guess all those times wrestling down elk and muskoxen with his bare hands built up some muscle... I've had my visit from the Elf diplomat, but he simply told me that I cut down too many trees without specifying any treaty. The caravan eventually followed him. For the most part, all I got off of them was some wood and buttloads of cloth. The latter is Ok because I have a legendary Weaver (around High Master level of Clothier) and a legendary Clothier. I can make tons of clothes and make a killing off of what my dwarves cast off. Now if only the caravans would carry more goods... I dumped a few thousand in offerings in hope that it might evoke more substantial loads.

11-September-2008 update on Obzabok[edit]

So, another goblin siege. They came in shortly after the Human caravan, so I got some help. I once more lost several dogs. I also lost the Hunter that I had been grooming to become my next bookkeeper. As best I can tell, he got hit by a million-to-one arrow through the fortification (from 6 squares away and a z-level!) that pierced his brain and killed him instantly. The rest of the goblins were thinned through traps and archers shooting through fortifications (they didn't even make it to the cage traps 3 squares in) on one side and retreated. One the other side of the fort, they didn't even make it to the traps before the Human guards ran out and beat them to a bloody pulp. I'm still cleaning up all of the corpses and items... dropped another several thousand in offered items, casting bread upon the waters. I've had two births in the fortress, one to a Peasant and one to the Duchess. One child who came in through immigration has grown up. I still have one Guard with novice-level skills in everything who's spent the last two years convalescing with a severed foot. I'm guessing he's not going to get better, what with the wound improvements being in the Army Arc which the Toady One has stated will break save compatibility. Oh well, he keeps the Nobles happy for all that he doesn't actually do anything for them.

16-September-2008 update on Obzabok[edit]

Nothing too much to say. More caravans. Lost one wrestler to a crushed windpipe during sparring. No matter, though because the immigrants finally showed up (I've had several seasons of no immigrants. Twenty four of them showed up, including a damn useless philosopher. Methinks maybe I was a bit too generous on the gifts with the last Dwarven caravan. How was I to know they'd take me offloading a bunch of useless crafts on them as a sign that I was wealthy enough to shelter worn and weary masses?

21-September-2008 update on Obzabok[edit]

The King will arrive eventually. Also, had my first megabeast siting. My poor farmer/refuse hauler valiantly delayed the Titan by allowing himself to be tied up in knots (right after being engaged, he sported a broken right upper arm, a broken right upper leg, a broken left upper leg, and a broken throat. The titan continued to work him over despite this to the point of over-exertion...) allowing the rest of my army to walk up and plink it down with arrows and wrestlers. His sacrifice shall be noted.

24-September-2008 update on Obzabok[edit]

All of a sudden, my defense force decides that about 20 dwarves are guilty of export bans. I don't have nearly enough chains for that amount, so the hammerer starts going about hitting people with his fists (I dumped his hammer then used it in a trap) and the soldiers, armed with swords, start using them to beat people up. After several deaths, I save-scummed. Turns out the reason behind the issue was that some traders were trapped in my depot (pathing issues I guess... they've been doing this a lot where I get the announcement that they're leaving but they take forever to do so) and the Count Consort decided some time between me freeing them and them reaching the map edge that crowns are not allowed to be exported. I'd dumped a ton of crowns on the traders as an offering in an attempt to influence getting better stuff, so every dwarf who touched them getting them to the depot was charged. Anyhow, home free on the arrests. Then, I suddenly get large clouds of miasma. Oops... all of the food that I traded for is rotting because I demolished the depot to free the traders. I'm going through and marking the rotten stuff, but it's tricky because I had a lot of goods at the depot (those narrow items from the goblin sieges aren't going to sell themselves....) and I'd rather not dump the food that hasn't rotted yet. I've also created a nearby food stockpile so that hopefully a few dwarves will salvage from what's left. Overall, it's still a pretty good setup. Am I just lucky or is the game getting harder to have fun at these days?

Kunibush Rekedùk Deb[edit]

So, I got tired of Obzabok on account of things were just going too well. So I decided to try another map, this time with temperatures low enough to support water freezing. Turns out that the map never thaws, which makes life with the wounded... interesting to say the least. And goodness, there have been wounds aplenty. I'm using the Civilizations Forge mod and my location is occasionally raided by Sandraiders and Purple Xelic. The first aren't so bad, but the latter... They're tough, have way too many arms, and generally are fairly highly skilled at the weapons in all of their arms. This last time, I lost about half of my fortresses population as I frantically tried to dogpile this one remaining warrior. The worst part about it? He kept leveling his wrestling skill. It took two months of constant wrestling to take that guy down... Immediately afterwards, I get my second migration, pulling my numbers back up to almost what they were before. Before and after, I constantly got the "immigrants are too scared" message, so I suspect the game was throwing me a bone. The most painful thing about it is that I lost a lot of my legendarily skilled dwarves which means building it all back up again.

Oh, and I have a High Elf merchant caravan stuck here from an old trade depot. Their Muskoxen pulling the wagons have long since bred and their children grown up. On the other hand, they came in handy, because they helped stave off the Purple Xelics once they woke up enough to fight.

More Kunibush Rekedùk Deb[edit]

The High Elf caravan is still there although one merchant and one muskoxen have gone crazy. I've tried digging the ground out from underneath the wagon and it seems to be floating still. Apparently this is a well-known bug acknowledged by Toady. Once I get home, I'll try to forum-suggested method of removing the ground, building floors, and then building bridges on successive levels until they move out.

I also had a wonderful moment of hubris. After several years, I'm starting to get sieges instead of invasions. During the last one, I had some miners trapped on the other side of the map dig an escape tunnel (there's actually a decently exciting story involving a lone Marksdwarf valiantly spending his life holding off the goblin hordes as they frantically tunneled away) and I'd forgotten to close it off. So the goblins, predicatably, avoided the trap-ridden front-entrance in favor of this side tunnel. Ultimately, I had to mobilize the entire fortress and dogpile them, ultimately only losing two or three in the siege, and another two mopping up the nearby chaos dwarf settlement that had suddenly decided to be hostile (they were always listed in the Civilization screen as hostile, but as individuals, never did a threatening thing. There's still two or three of them, including their demon leader, who remained non-hostile).

Still, this fortress is doing alright for itself. Now if only I didn't keep having idiot leaders that require things like items built out of Bismuth...