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Magma kiln

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Magma kiln


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A magma kiln behaves the same as a kiln, differing only by the fact that it uses the heat from magma instead of requiring fuel. Like all magma furnaces, it must be built out of magma-safe materials, and one of the edge tiles must be directly above a tile of magma at least 4/7 deep. If the kiln is placed such that the impassable tile at the top is directly over the magma channel, dwarves cannot accidentally fall into the magma.

Note that if a magma kiln isn't above magma that is at least 4/7 deep, it can't be used to Collect Clay, even though that task doesn't require fuel.

As with other magma workshops, magma kilns will not be available for construction until you have discovered magma in your region.

A magma kiln will not consume the magma underneath it that it uses for heat. One tile of magma beneath the kiln will last forever.

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