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This article is about an older version of DF.

Mighty creatures that attack your fortress. When one enters your area, the game will announce its presence and its name.

Megabeasts will not arrive until you have a population of 80, 100,000☼ created wealth, and 10,000☼ exported wealth. At most one megabeast attack can happen during any given season, its arrival date determined ahead of time (and restricted from being during the first or last week of the season). Force-quitting and loading a fortress from a few days before a megabeast attack may result in a different one arriving on the same day, depending on what has survived world generation.

Included in this category are the Bronze colossus, Dragon, Hydra, and Titan.

Occasionally, worlds may be generated in which no megabeasts survive, making the game considerably less fun. A common method of avoiding this problem is to make megabeasts significantly stronger during world generation (by increasing their SIZE or DAMBLOCK) so that more of them survive; however, this may result in them being just as strong when encountered, even if the modifications are later undone.

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