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This article is about an older version of DF.

The CMV file format is used for recording movies within Dwarf Fortress. Movies can be recorded ingame by pressing

from anywhere within the game and following the instructions. CMV files can be played back ingame from the same menu (which works from the opening menu screen) or by using a 3rd party player. There is a standalone CMV player for windows and an online flash based CMV player on the DF Map Archive.

Movie Archive[edit]

Since September 2007, members of the DF community have been able to share and watch CMV movies with other players in the community through the movie pages on the DF Map Archive. This was thanks in part to gonbon who wrote and provided the flash based CMV Player for use in the community.

Historical notes[edit]

In August 2008 Toady One upgraded the recording capabilities of Dwarf Fortress to support tilesets wider than the standard 80x25 format.

CCMV File format[edit]

In order to boost the compression of CMV files, SL introduced a Compressed CMV file format (CCMV) using a single pass through zlib on the final file data. This compression is compatible with the Flash player on the DFMA. The smaller file size means quicker downloads but breaks any streaming functionality that would have been possible with the standard CMV file format.

File format[edit]

  • Jifodus's user page has a table describing the CMV file format.
  • Markavian's user page has an updated version expressed as a C# CMV Class, based on optimization code written by SL, and header information forwarded by ToadyOne.