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This article is about the current version of DF.
Many of these settings are covered in detail here.

The d_init.txt file can be used to make many adjustments to the game's behavior, such as enabling autosave or changing the population limit, as well as some technical tricks to improve framerate by deactivating features like weather and temperature.

This file is located at data/init/d_init.txt within your Dwarf Fortress folder (or the.dwarffortress folder in your home directory if you installed Dwarf Fortress on Arch Linux using pacman). Changes made to this file take effect the next time the game is loaded, and apply to all worlds.

The contents of the default d_init.txt file can be found below.

Default settings[edit]


  • The text in the file says you need a population of 80 for a monarch, but you actually need 140.